Chelsea Clinton talks service at panel with teens at Clinton Center


Photographs by Gavin Lesnick

Chelsea Clinton leads a panel discussion with teens Friday at the Clinton Center.

Chelsea Clinton on Friday moderated a panel for Global Youth Service Day in Little Rock, telling a crowd of local high school students to make service a "template for your life."

Clinton, the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, led the discussion during a lunchtime event with 175 local high school students at the Clinton Presidential Center.

The overriding theme was service, but Clinton talked at times of her famous parents. She described her dad's recent new venture onto Twitter and joked about how her mom and dad have applied public pressure in pursuit of becoming grandparents.

Before sitting down to lead a discussion with four teens from local high schools, Clinton told the audience they should always make room for service.

"There's nothing more rewarding or more fun than making a difference in someone else's life, whether they live next door or if they're the proverbial little old lady in the church or the kid that you tutor or someone who can help make healthier choices in your life," she said.

Clinton then sat down for the panel with the teens, asking them about topics ranging from the exercise and healthy food options they get in school to their relationship with new technology and how that can be used for service.

Chelsea Clinton led a discussion on service with teens from local high schools and then opened the floor for questions.

Chelsea Clinton answers teens' questions at event

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One teen on the panel said he uses social media all the time and his dad doesn't get it.

Chelsea Clinton joins service project at Rice Depot

City Year volunteers and area high school students were joined by Chelsea Clinton on Friday at a service project at the Arkansas Rice Depot. The project was part of Global Youth Service Day. (By Lee Hogan)
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"He says his Facebook is his phonebook," the teen said. "That's all he needs."

Clinton told the group her famous father is just beginning to find a voice on social media.

"My dad joined Twitter 36 hours ago," she said. "So this is something I think about a lot."

She later summarized her father's initial reaction when she showed him YouTube: "He was like 'wow! You can watch all this stuff," Clinton recalled.

After the panel, Clinton took questions from the teens in the audience. They asked what it was like for her to be the president's daughter, what her daily schedule is and whether she'll ever run for office.

On the latter: No current plans in her busy life — which includes working as a correspondent for NBC News — but it's not out of the question down the road.

"If at some point in my life I didn't like my local council member, or I didn't like my state assemblyman and I thought I could make a difference, I'd have to ask and answer that question," she said.

Clinton later drew laughs when she complained how her parents at the dedication of George W. Bush's Presidential Library mentioned how they hope to be grandparents soon.

"Which is just like unbelievable," Clinton said with a smile. "My parents. They're unbelievable in private and in public."

Global Youth Service Day, which was established in 1988, is said to be the largest service event in the world and the only day of service dedicated to children and youth.

The local event is a partnership between the Clinton Foundation, City Year and the City of Little Rock's Little Rock Serves program.

Clinton then joined students for a service project at the Rice Depot. Students from local high schools and City Year volunteers packaged meals to be sent to public schools and food pantries across central Arkansas.

Read Saturday's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for more details and photos from the event.


jmoz says...

Wow. How fortunate all those high school students were to be in the presence of someone who has done so much. Like, uh, well she has never done anything, but she is famous for having famous parents.

Who knows or cares what she thinks or how she thinks. What is important is that her parents are enormously wealthy and famous. She qualifies to be a person who has all the connections needed to be famous herself. What a role model for the students she met with. Thirty-three years old and so little to show for it.

Posted 26 April 2013, 12:18 p.m. Suggest removal

PaulRevere says...

Now, Now. Her father has made a long and distinguishing career servicing others, particularly females. She knows much about which she speaks.

Posted 26 April 2013, 12:56 p.m. Suggest removal

djigoo says...

So much bitter misogyny. Speaks volumes about the posters.

Posted 26 April 2013, 1:11 p.m. Suggest removal

Kajon says...

But djigoo, which of those posters' comments were false?

Posted 26 April 2013, 1:20 p.m. Suggest removal

Packman says...

Is that the best photo they had? Chelsea, bless her heart, was not a cute kid but did blossom somewhat past puberty. A more flattering photo could have been used.

Hey goo goo - Speaking of bitter bigotry, has anyone informed you the Boston Marathon terrorists were not white rednecks as you so smugly predicted? LMAO!!!!!!!

Posted 26 April 2013, 2:18 p.m. Suggest removal

GAITOR says...

"There's nothing more rewarding or more fun than making a difference in someone else's life, whether they live next door or if they're the proverbial little old lady in the church or the kid that you tutor or someone who can help make healthier choices in your life," she said.

So, you should perform public service, because it makes you feel good about yourself and not because it's the right thing to do? Typical Progessive/Liberal, inward looking and self serving line of terribly shallow thinking. Well, what more could expect from the child of Bill and Hil?

Posted 26 April 2013, 2:23 p.m. Suggest removal

GAITOR says...

Packman: Sorry, but I'm sure that was their best given, what they had to work with.

Posted 26 April 2013, 2:26 p.m. Suggest removal

Capitalist12 says...

Certainly, she cannot be held responsible for the bahavior of her parents, whether Bill''s war on gun owners that eventually led to the Waco massacre of 76 men, women, and children and the Oklahoma City bombing by McViegh, which was done because Clinton held no one accountable for the massacre. Nor is it her fault that her married father had so many illicit affairs or her mother, Secretary of State, refused a formal request to add more secruity in Benghazi that led to the murder of 4 Americans.
Still, her parents left Arkansas so Hillary could become a New York senator. We are glad they left. Nor do we wish to hear how wonderful they are. As for their "service," Bill made many millions in speaking engagements, despite being only the 2nd president to be impeached and never even getting 50% of the popular vote. Good luck to Chelsea. You are welcome, but leave your parents at home.

Posted 26 April 2013, 2:41 p.m. Suggest removal

MenLR2 says...

And we wonder why the Clinton's hate Arkansas??

Posted 26 April 2013, 2:48 p.m. Suggest removal

LR1955 says...

I'm a co-scoutmaster with my 2 brothers. What do you nay sayers do to help the youth of today become better adults/citizens ?

Posted 26 April 2013, 3:29 p.m. Suggest removal

Packman says...

Hey LR1955 - I pay them (youth of today) to mow my yard.

Posted 26 April 2013, 3:56 p.m. Suggest removal

FreeSpiritMan says...

Whatis you BMI paclman?

Posted 26 April 2013, 5:05 p.m. Suggest removal

jjordan says...

I really hate politics. You can see it brings out the best in people.

Posted 26 April 2013, 5:05 p.m. Suggest removal

Packman says...

Hey BillSmith - "Whatis you BMI paclman?" Whatchu talkin bout, Willis?

Posted 26 April 2013, 6:05 p.m. Suggest removal

LSS says...

I wonder if when she comes back to LR she visits her black half brother? Why do we never hear anything about him?

Posted 26 April 2013, 7:11 p.m. Suggest removal

djigoo says...

inquire, I remember that. Rush Limbaugh had a syndicated program some years ago, and on one episode, he showed a picture of a then-teenaged Chelsea, accompanied by the sound of dogs barking.

That was about the classiest thing Rush ever accomplished. And his followers still believe that such behavior was appropriate. Then again...nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the average dittohead. Their penises and brains are in constant "which is smaller" competition.

Posted 26 April 2013, 7:25 p.m. Suggest removal

FreeSpiritMan says...

packman ....... BMI is body mass index, tell us yours and we will know if you need to be cutting your own yard.

Posted 27 April 2013, 8:52 a.m. Suggest removal

Jfish says...

Seems like someone from the Peace Corps, etc., would be more qualified to talk about service. Chelsea may be very intelligent, but not sure exactly how she has made service a template for her life.

Posted 27 April 2013, 2:18 p.m. Suggest removal

Packman says...

Hey BillSmith - I have no idea my BMI. I'm 6' 3" and weigh 205 lbs. Reckon its not too bad, don't you? And why would I mow my own yard(s) when I can help teach a young person the value of honest work by paying them to do it?

Posted 27 April 2013, 7:01 p.m. Suggest removal

DontDrinkDatKoolAid says...

Chelsea … I have to giver respect in not politicizing her beliefs.

Posted 27 April 2013, 8:09 p.m. Suggest removal

djigoo says...



Posted 27 April 2013, 9:35 p.m. Suggest removal

DontDrinkDatKoolAid says...


Posted 28 April 2013, 10:03 a.m. Suggest removal

Garycmillerlawgmailcom says...

Seems sort of stupid to be insulting someone for advocating good works.

Posted 28 April 2013, 11:17 a.m. Suggest removal

djigoo says...

Consider the source(s), hsl.

Posted 28 April 2013, 12:13 p.m. Suggest removal

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