Nurse at pill mill in Little Rock sentenced to nearly 6 years

Just before she was sentenced to nearly six years in prison, a Little Rock nurse practitioner continued to insist that she didn't know a clinic she worked for in 2014 and 2015 was a "pill mill."

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PollockJames03122346 says...

As a Physician myself, I would swear on Bibles that there is NO WAY that this "Nurse Practioner" ( NP ) should not have known that the place was 100% BAD.

Even worse, Physicians across America are now routinely using NPs to APEAR to be Physicians ( they are RNS with a few months of "On-Line" training & a few weeks of "shadowing" a doctor; much of the time sent home because they slow the Physician down. ) out of GREED & Socialism ( "Herd care to the masses" -- Carl Marx ). The number of "SETTLED" malpractice cases stemming from NPs in EVERY HOSPITAL / Group clinic is SKYROCKETING; you don't hear about it because the "settlements" include "GAG ORDERS" & therefore NEVER appear on the publicicied pro-propaganda about NPs. & other " EXTENDERS ". If they are going to ACT like Doctors, then they should have to FULLY display their status & carry the SAME MALPRACTICE POLICIES as real Physicians instead of driving up our rates ( even solo Doctors ! ) & grabbing our coat tails ... or constantly claiming " ignorance ". ...SAD FOR ALL PATIENTS / AMERICA. ....JP r-Y-08/.

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