In SEC, winning is worth the sinning


An interesting poll came out Tuesday that will not warm the hearts of SEC fans.

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drs01 says...

It took real courage for a Florida newspaper writer to point fingers at the SEC, especially when J. Winston at FSU was degrading women and breaking the rules as Jimbo and the campus police and administration looked on. It also didn't go unnoticed that two national championships were won by teams with controversial QB's (Winston and Scam Newton). Oh yes, don't forget Ohio State. Cheating has to go on to sustain college sports. How else could a "star" player pass college level material if he can't read, write or do math? Dribble, Pass and Shoot or Run, Pass and Kick are now substitutes for the three R's. There may not be money exchanging hands, but it's still cheating....cheating parents who pay big bucks to have their children sit in the same classroom with these clowns.

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MM03 says...

3/4's of all FBS scholarship athletes have no business being in college as the point of college is academics. These athletes' IQ's are so low, they cannot even pass remedial college courses. FBS basketball and football have become businesses rather than a way to provide students an outlet to rally around the university. Coaches making $5 million a year with a 5+ year contract proves I am exactly correct.

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