New House push arises to ax health act

Hard-line conservatives began an uphill fight Friday to force a fresh House vote this fall on erasing much of President Barack Obama's health care law without an immediate replacement.

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23cal says...

"With the party's repeal effort collapsing last month in the Senate, the push gives lawmakers a chance to show conservative voters they've not surrendered."
After 68 other votes to repeal or defund, this is the kind of "keep banging your head against the wall" governing which their base thinks is productive and problem-solving because it sends a message. 'Murika!
"The conservatives filed a petition Friday calling for a House vote on dismantling Obama's law that would not take effect until January 2019." How coincidental that is after the mid-terms.
"They say that would give Congress time to enact a replacement and pressure Democrats to cooperate, a premise Democrats who oppose the repeal effort reject." They haven't come up with a rational and decent replacement in seven years; why would anyone think they could pull that magic rabbit out of their hat if they had two more years? They have clearly shown all they are capable of coming up with is garbage that even Trump called "mean". Nonetheless, they are more than eager to saddle us with garbage ----any garbage will do----in order to claim a political "win", regardless of how many people are harmed.
Although I despise McConnell, I have to admit he was correct about this: "McConnell had said Trump had "excessive expectations" about how quickly Congress could pass complicated bills." Trump doesn't have a clue about how Congress and the Constitution work.

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mrcharles says...

Golllllleeee gggggggg , that there health care is complicated. Pat Robinson said the Lord anointed orange hair to make us great. With that firepower behind Trump why didn't he get his demand....his sponsors fault or McConnell fault..

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Winfield says...

Miss Obama and Beebe now, eh?

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