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We'll be talking a lot on BreakPoint about the case of Colorado baker Jack Phillips. Why? Because religious freedom hangs in the balance.

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23cal says...

"Religious freedom". How very Orwellian a phrase that is.
This isn't about "religious freedom". It is about one thing and one thing only: special privilege for bigoted extremist faux "Christians" to be allowed to ignore laws which apply to everyone else so that they can discriminate against one long-persecuted demographic: gay people.
This isn't about someone's "religious freedom" to discriminate against black people, Irish, women,or (gasp!) Christians. It is about one group's special privilege to discriminate against one targeted demographic. Trying to whitewash what it is by calling it wink-wink nudge-nudge "religious freedom" is hogwash.
People HAVE religious freedom. What they don't have is special privilege to pick and choose which laws governing their business they get to ignore. If your religious beliefs keep you from obeying the cleanliness laws governing bakeries, then don't be a baker. Be in a different business. If your religious beliefs keep you from serving black people, white people, women, handicapped, Christian, Sikh, or whatever people INCLUDING gay people, then you need to be in a different business.
About ".... for nearly 30 years now he has ruled that anti-sodomy laws, anti-discrimination laws that exclude gays, denying gays the right to marry--all of these things amount to "animus" against homosexuals and deprive them of dignity" and "So, in other words, if you disapprove of gay marriage, that means you aren't voicing a neutral opinion--you're being hostile to gay people." Apparently, this rube equates passing LAWS which marginalize gays and make them second class citizens with "a neutral opinion".
NO.It isn't the same.
That isn't a neutral opinion at all. How can anyone not grasp that passing laws targeting one demographic is in fact animus? Passing harmful laws against people goes far beyond a neutral opinion toward them. However, this is the kind of goofy bald-faced lies and falsehoods which people like this guy shovel to the indoctrinated bobbleheads and which they swallow like a bluegill on a red worm.
About "...., or, heaven forbid, it will rule that the price of citizenship is the forfeiture of faith." Say what? If you don't get to pick and choose which laws to follow like everyone else has to follow then you have forfeited your faith? Yes, one of the prices of citizenship is to have to follow generally applicable laws JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER CITIZENS. This is nothing more than whining for special privilege.
When you advocate that people can discriminate against Christians or white people based on their "religious freedom", then I will believe religious freedom is what this is all about. As long as the only target is gay people, I'm calling bullfeathers and shenanigans.

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Lifelonglearner says...

Well said, 23cal. Well said.

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