U.S. patents issued to Arkansans

Aug. 8

Patent 9,723,781 B1. Stand on Mower with Pedestal Handle Deck Height Control. Issued to Charles Bradley Covington of Batesville.

Patent 9,724,043 B2. Solid State Diode Applicator Disc. Issued to Carla Borden of Jonesboro.

Patent 9,725,595 B2. In-Situ Gelatinous Triblock Copolymer Elastomers in Polyurethane Flexible Foams. Issued to Bruce W. Peterson of Fort Smith and Mark L. Crawford of Rudy. Assigned to Peterson Chemical Technology LLC of Fort Smith.

Patent 9,725,688 B2. Bioreactor for Syngas Fermentation. Issued to Peter Simpson Bell and Ching-Whan Ko, both of of Fayetteville.

Patent 9,728,868 B1. Apparatus Having Self Healing Liquid Phase Power Connects and Method Thereof. Issued to Alexander Lostetter of Fayetteville. Assigned to Cree Fayetteville Inc., of Fayetteville.

Patent D793,849 S. Multiple Position Swing Up Jump Rail Support. Issued to Michael Morrison Bradley of Fayetteville.

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