PAUL GREENBERG: Park anywhere

On this lot formerly known as Arkansas

Why do anything just partway? Instead of expanding another interstate from eight lanes to a mere 10, why not pave over all the land between Tennessee and Oklahoma? And then for bad measure do the same with all that wasted space between Missouri and Louisiana. That way motorists may no longer need to pause at spots like Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art or what was once a state Capitol at Little Rock. Such eyesores would all be gone, replaced by unbroken pavement as far as the eye could see.

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drs01 says...

Why do anything? A good question, especially for this 72 year resident of Little Rock.
I've seen enough traffic on the Interstates entering and leaving this city during commute hours to ask why we are hell bent to accommodate many of these folks. A little traffic gridlock is a small price to pay. They drive into our city, earn a paycheck then retreat to the surrounding cities to spend it. They pay nothing to support our city's infrastructure. A few cents in sales tax if they eat lunch is not enough to repair our streets, improve our public safety, and address our education issues.
So, are we going to have a new Chamber campaign for Little Rock? Maybe we can add the word "exit" to our street signs.

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