What we'll leave them

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drs01 says...

Ms. Govar - I'm not sure I'd call what Bill Clinton did a "sex crime". I would call his actions sexual harassment. It's appropriate to bring them back to life when the focus today is on other public servants guilty (or presumed so) of the same. Had Bill Clinton resigned in disgrace as he deserved, then maybe we would have had a stronger focus on this major issue 20 years ago.
The reason Clinton is back in the news is because democrats choose to not only defend him, but to idolize him as well. This is payback time. And no one is more deserving than ole Bill. If he did in fact rape a women who has accused him of such, then that is a sex crime.

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suerichar says...

Frankly, I am so disgusted with the stupidity attached to all of this sexual harrassment garbage. I am not a fan of any of the perpetrators, but I am a fan of justice which we are not seeing carried out in many of these these accusations. Just because some woman accuses someone doesn't mean it happened, and, before lives are ruined, a thorough investigation should be launched looking for evidence to back up the claims being made. We are still a country that believes in innocent until PROVEN guilty, and with so much political stigma attached to all of the accusations so far, some woman's word just is not enough for me. I hope the men who are innocent file defamation of character lawsuits against the women lying about them. I am 76 years young and have endured sexual harrassment to some degree in just about every job I have ever held from unsavory remarks to slapping a man for improper touching. Most decent women just put them in their place and move on, but then there are those who ask for it. A little discouragement usually takes care of jerks. Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, women can be the instigators and then cry foul when they don't get what they want. Many will also do just about anything for money, position, power or just to be close to power. I've seen them all. Much to my chigrin, my gender is not always the sweet and innocent little lambs the new media and Democrats would have us believe. My personal belief is that they did it for money.

I want to see witnesses, plausibility, character, integrity life's work, etc. Since the character and integrity of the men are at stale, why shouldn't the character and integrity of the accusers be brought to task? I guarantee that most are bought bimbos or women wanting their 10 minutes of fame or are just taking advantage of this unjust and ridiculous "just accuse and we will believe" environment because they hate men.

We need to return to reality before any more innocent lives (the men, their wives, mothers, children, relationships, etc.) are destroyed and take the accusers to task before helping them with their dirty deed. Remember, they are not just destroying the people they accuse, they are destroying their families' lives too.

I hope the women who have already ruined lives with lies are aware that they will eventually have to answer for their actions to a higher judge, so I hope they enjoy what they have done today because that will not be pretty. For the men rightly accused, I feel sorry for them because they too have a lot to answer for and are going to be surprised when they find out that God is just.

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