Faculties' outcries slow UA System's tenure-policy redo

Tight revamp timeline, new wordings raise suspicions on campuses in state


Photographs by SOURCE: The University of Arkansas System campuses / Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Graphs showing information about Tenure in the UA system

Faculty members at five University of Arkansas System campuses are waiting for a seat at the table.

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cpcorbitt says...

1. Is this an effort to kill tenure in Arkansas? Good luck attracting talent with this proposal passing. 2. Why did university counsel work on this in secret for over a year and then try to cram it through in a month? The answer is they wanted to pull the wool over the eyes of the board of trustees. 3. Why does the university counsel continue to minimize to the public and the board of trustees the caustic effect of their proposal, while their own internal documents reveal their admission that their effort to kill free speech of Arkansas professors is "controversial" and "limiting"? 4. Why is Nate Hinkel talking about an entirely different rule regarding academic titles in the context of the effort to kill free speech and tenure? Is this just more bait and switch? That dog don't hunt.

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