Tax breaks for rich?

Just hold on there a second …

The dam is breaking! The dam is breaking! Only a fool shouts this warning when there is no dam.

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REV2018 says...

Good work Jerry. I'm wondering if Deloitte&Touche has anything to with why trump hasn't paid a dime in taxes.

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carpenterretired says...

John Kerry's wife released her income return for 2003 (as her husband was running for POTUS) unlike Trump ,she paid 700,000 on three billion in wealth ( two billion sheltered , one billion in name) now with a 3% return on equity the positive cash flow would be around 90 million so 700,000 would be less than one percent , she is one living example of tax breaks for the rich for the dam fool who wrote this column .

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NoCrossNoCrown says...

That right there must be that "FAKE NEWS they talk about..... Half Truth Whole Lie..!
This doesn't even take into account all the thousands of loopholes the wealthy get to take advantage of to lower what their real income is before they even start talking about taxes.
If trump pays no taxes, like many have said, who pays for all the airports and runways he uses to land that big super jet he also get to write-off on his taxes that he won't allow the American people to see. HINT: Look in the mirror!

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DoubleBlind says...

Boo effing hoo, Jerry. What a hoot - except for middle class taxpayers who can't avail themselves of the breaks you defend. Horrendous and worse, insulting. Bio says you're retired; shut up and garden.

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