4-year-old boy accidentally hangs himself in store, police say

MANKATO, Minn. — Police say a 4-year-old boy accidentally hanged himself while alone in the changing room of a Minnesota thrift store.

Authorities say the incident happened Saturday afternoon at Again Thrift & More in Mankato, operated by the Minnesota Valley Action Council.

Relatives have started an online fundraising effort to cover funeral expenses for the boy, identified as Ryu Pena.

Police Cmdr. Daniel Schisel said the boy apparently got the hooded sweatshirt he was wearing caught on a hanger attached to a wall. Emergency responders took the boy to a hospital, where he was declared dead.

Schisel told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that family members, who live in nearby St. James, were in the store at the time. He called the death "a tragic accident" and said no charges are being pursued.


MarkEck911 says...

Why or how was a 4 y/o in the changing room by himself

Posted 20 March 2017, 6:21 p.m. Suggest removal

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