Smoked medicine?

Now that the voters of Arkansas in their all too conventional wisdom have approved a Medical Marijuana Amendment, why not a Medical Tobacco Amendment to go with it? For some of us old-timers can still recall those ads that claimed smoking wasn't a danger at all but, on the contrary, offered a positive benefit for whatever ailed you.

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23cal says...

About ".... why not a Medical Tobacco Amendment to go with it?"
Well, what do the two things have in common, other than that they can be smoked? Nothing.
This is literally as bizarre as saying since we have medicinal pills that can be swallowed, why don't we promote swallowing poison, since poison and medicinal pills have swallowing in common.
This wins today's "silliest thing on the internet" award.
This editor and his 1930s Reefer Madness sky-is-falling illogical excuses to thwart the will of the people have become tiresome. I am delighted that some legislators understand their duty to implement the will of the voters no matter how much it angers backward people mired in 1930s ignorance.

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