MIKE MASTERSON: Our Razorbacks

Woe, pig sooie

The Bret Bielema record after almost five years and 61 games at Arkansas: 29 wins and 32 losses, last place SEC West. And now we learn a Razorback quarterback has been arrested on a DUI charge. Oy vey!

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Delta2 says...

Where to begin? Let's start with the title. They're not "Our Razorbacks". Believe it or not, they are not the uniting force in Arkansas that they once were. State lines may exist on a map, but they are permeable.

You called this Bielema's fifth mediocre season? What do you consider a bad season?

Masterson, stick to the Buffalo River and Branson. You've failed miserably at national/world issues, and have done no better at sports. Stick to something you know.

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dph815 says...

Delta2, it appears that your issue is that you are just not either a Hog or Mike Masterson fan. If that is the case, so be it but Mike is right on with his comments both with regard to coach and athletic director---and fans all over Arkansas agree.

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Delta2 says...

Your first sentence is certainly correct, dph815, but if I want sports, I'll go to the sports section.

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Bubba12345 says...

Before Jeff Lomg is fired , he should be made to go to Bobby Petrino and get down on his knees and beg Petrino to come back to Arkansas. Then he should be fired. There could have been conditions made for Petrino to stay at Ark.After all his wife forgave him.Why couldn't Long?

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wildblueyonder says...

Looks like Bielema's gonna' "tie" John L. Smith's enviable record of 4-8 after the next two games. Wow, can't the Hogs do better than that? Right now Kevin Sumlin looks like a good replacement.

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Jfish says...

Bubba, let's go through this one more time. Bobby Petrino made sure that his girlfriend/traveling mistress was hired over several other applicants (I don't know the exact number, maybe hundreds) for a job at a publicly funded university. Therefore, everyone of these applicants had a legitimate case against the university which they likely would have won and cost the UA and Arkansas taxpayers millions of dollars.

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JPRoland says...

I really like Brett and his wife and new daughter. He is very amiable and has certainly led a clean program. But, it just isn't happening on the field. I won't be surprised if he gets one more year due to the rash of injuries this year and the competition for a new hire by other SEC teams, but I also won't be surprised if he is sent packing. But, other than our record (which is amusing to say) I like the guy. I wish him and Jen and there new little one all the best. They are good people.

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Delta123 says...

Here's a thought D2. You could just not read Masterson's article(s).

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gagewatcher says...

Since Coach makes over 3 million dollars a year and that's just the head coach How much money does the football program bring in as revenue to the university? and is it worth it ?

Posted 14 November 2017, 2:42 p.m. Suggest removal

Delta2 says...

D123, Masterson sure makes that tempting, but I often read things I disagree with. If I like it I say so. Same if I don't like it. Subscription paid for.

Posted 14 November 2017, 4:23 p.m. Suggest removal

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