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100 years ago

Sept. 14, 1917

• About 70 clerks employed in the freight house of the Mississippi Pacific Railway Company have notified their chief that if their demand for an increase of pay to 26 and 29 cents an hour is not granted by tomorrow noon a strike will be called. The clerks now are receiving $63.50 and $74 per month, and they say they are working seven days a week without receiving pay for overtime. A raise of 5 per cent was offered by the company several days ago, but was refused.

50 years ago

Sept. 14, 1967

FAYETTEVILLE -- Jack I. Wilkerson, 38, a native of Bentonville, was charged Wednesday with assault with intent to kill in connection with a gun battle with a state trooper south of here Tuesday night. Deputy Prosecutor Richard Wells of Fayetteville filed the charge in Washington County Circuit Court and also ordered Wilkerson questioned in the shooting deaths of Hugh Hollis Hill, 27, of Greenland (Washington County) and Lester Niman, 47, a Fayetteville cab driver.

25 years ago

Sept. 14, 1992

• While their leader remained jailed Sunday morning, 11 protesters from a Texas fundamentalist Baptist ministry were arrested as they tried to enter Gov. Bill Clinton's church for a third consecutive week. About 50 members of "God Said" Ministries of Nacogdoches, Texas, and about 60 counter-protesters hurled words back and forth across a street adjacent to Immanuel Baptist Church in downtown Little Rock during the demonstration. "God hates your sin, I'll tell you that!' shouted Otwell follower Darrell Fianagan, who had been released just Saturday night from the Little Rock Jail. In trying, one by one, to cross a plastic security tape bordering church property, followers of the Rev. W.N. Otwell ensured themselves another date with Little Rock Municipal Court.

10 years ago

Sept. 14, 2007

• Joseph Francis Rounsaville, 46, of Jacksonville received an automatic life sentence Thursday in the sexual assault of a 7-year-old boy, almost a year to the day he was convicted of raping a former girlfriend. Rounsaville still has another trial to go -- with another potential automatic life term -- in Lonoke County, where he is accused of raping an acquaintance. A Pulaski County jury took about 30 minutes Thursday to find Rounsaville guilty of rape for deviant sexual activity with the boy, now 11.

Metro on 09/14/2017

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