The aftermath

After Andrew, after Katrina, after Rita, after Ivan, after Wilma, and now after Harvey and Irma, the aftermath can be as difficult as the wind and rain. It's miserable after a hurricane. After all, hurricanes don't hit Colorado in October. It's a summer thing. Mostly in the South.

Summers in the South are hard enough with electricity. (Being in New Orleans in August is like taking a sauna in a high-crime drainage ditch.--P.J. O'Rourke.) Now try turning off the AC for a week or two or three. Temperatures are supposed to climb back into the upper 90s in Texas and Florida this week. A family member in Houston swears she can hear the heat.

Now that Arkansas' National Guardsmen are coming back home after pulling people out of the water, others are packing up, gassing up, and heading southwest and southeast. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is sending officers south. Electric companies like Entergy and Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas are sending hundreds of linemen to Florida, and have already deployed to Houston. Just as Texas and Florida sends folks here after ice storms. No, we haven't forgot.

Be careful, y'all. And make a few contacts with our neighbors. We might need them come January.

Editorial on 09/14/2017

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