REX NELSON: Conway gets it

During the Christmas holidays, with our two sons home from college, my wife and I decided that the four of us would go out for a nice dinner. We live in far west Little Rock. Our destination: Downtown Conway.

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MaxCady says...

Where's the jobs though?? HP pretty much didn't pan out. Axciom is what keeps Conway going and now they're talking about selling off parts of the company. The developer RushHal are the only ones making money by denuding the landscape for more tract homes. I live not far from where they'd been clear cutting and burning and the smoke lasted for a month. That's progress?? For RushHal maybe. The biggest development in the last 40 years has been the liquor by the drink law.

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Davidedwards61gmailcom says...

There’s also the significant airport improvements of recent years to consider.

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purplebouquet says...

Despite its many assets, Conway is missing one key element: public transportation. Studies show again and again that the younger generations prefer living in urban areas that allow them to get around without a car rather than sprawling suburbs. Especially in light of the fact that 3 colleges call Conway home, the city's lack of attention to alternative transportation is disappointing and short-sighted. As a start, it should establish bus routes or similar connecting the three campuses to the downtown and major commercial areas.

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