Senate opens debate on immigration

Leaders talk of unity, but proposals on table fail to draw bipartisan support

WASHINGTON -- The Senate's two top leaders made a show of camaraderie Monday as their chamber began its immigration debate, but they also laid down markers underscoring the difficulty of reaching a deal that can move through Congress.

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RBear says...

It is good this debate is happening. It should have happened during 2017, but Republicans were more worried about other things they failed to deliver on. The only senator who opposed bringing it to debate was Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).
The bill should be a clean bill without some of the requirements Trump is putting on it such as funding for the wall. Sen. Flake is proposing a more reasonable and flexible approach to border security that also requires reports on effectiveness before continued funding. As Rep. Westerman reported in his visit, a coast to coast wall is not feasible and any idea should be scrapped. Rep. Hurd has proposed more flexible security options, but right wingers will not listen to him.
The vast majority of DACA recipients are upstanding citizens who pay taxes, work in the community, do not commit serious crimes, and want to be citizens. The problem is current law requires them to be deported to their country of origin BEFORE they can apply for citizenship, disrupting their families and lives. They most likely would lose anything they've built in the US, including jobs, homes, and assets. The proposals being considered would give them that path to citizenship WITHOUT disrupting lives.

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GeneralMac says...

RBear should post what Rep Westerman said..IS...necessary for border security......." a combination of walls,fences, and technology "

However, Westerman concentrated most of the problem on strict , unreasonable, rules about the land that hamper the border agents.

As Westerman stated, the ILLEGALS sure aren't concerned about those rules.

Of course, I wouldn't expect RBear to mention THAT.

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wildblueyonder says...

"We really do get along, despite what you read in the press," according to Schumer. Who believes anything the press says?

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