Trump's budget sustains deficit; $4.4 trillion plan boosts spending


Photographs by AP/SUSAN WALSH

James Knable helps to unpack copies Monday of the President’s FY19 Budget after it arrived at the House Budget Committee office on Capitol Hill.

WASHINGTON -- The White House released a tax and spending plan Monday that would not eliminate the federal budget deficit after 10 years, its first public acknowledgment that large spending increases and the $1.5 trillion tax cut are putting pressure on the government's debt.

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RBear says...

"In 2019 and 2020 alone, the government would add a combined $2 trillion in debt under Trump's plan." Trump and Republicans attacked Democrats for spending and increasing the debt, but they seem to be the one adding more to the debt at a time when we should be reducing it. In times of prosperity, Clinton reduced the debt and created budget surpluses. Trump and Republicans show the hypocrisy by doing the opposite.
This party shows how irresponsible they are at governing on a daily basis. Yet his demographic just follows along with MAGA and no clue on the issues.

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BirdDogsRock says...

Republicans don't like government... so it appears that they don't care about governing. The more damage they do to our government and its institutions, the happier they seem to be. Thus, the demonstrated inability to govern is a badge of honor to right-wingers.

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JakeTidmore says...

From ARTimes:
* TRUMP'S BUDGET: He likes to emphasize the military spending. It swells the deficit, even though it slashes billions from domestic programs, including Medicare and Medicaid (which candidate Trump PROMISED not to cut) and food stamps. This is on top of his deficit-swelling income tax cut, which gives its biggest benefits to the ultra-wealthy.
* TRUMP'S INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN. It's a sham. He calls it a $1.5 trillion investment. He's talking about only $200 billion in federal spending (he doesn't say where he'll get the money) and depending on 80 percent matches from local governments.
Right. Consider Arkansas. It has embarked on an orgy of tax cutting and slices in government services (60,000 cut from medical assistance for starters). It has no money for highway construction. It's going to come up with an 80 percent match for infrastructure projects? Hell, we can't buy soap or turn on the heat for kids held in squalid youth lockups.
Call it poetic justice. Gov. Asa Hutchinson wants to cut basic services, particularly for the poor, while pouring money on the rich. He'll find it hard to do with the stuff rolling downhill from D.C.

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TimberTopper says...

Reagan got away with it as did Bush 43, and now here's 45, playing the same game. It appears they are trying to bankrupt the USA.

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BoudinMan says...

TT, the only reason they get away with this is the issue-illiterate demographic, as RB puts it so well, whose vote they can count on. The 30 per centers can be counted on to consistently vote against their own self interests. They don't disappoint.

Posted 13 February 2018, 4:17 p.m. Suggest removal

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