Arkansas woman accused of sharing child porn with people she met online


Photographs by Sebastian County sheriff's office

Kelly Riley, 43

An Arkansas woman has been charged with four counts of child porn, police said.

According to a Friday news release, Sebastian County sheriff's office deputies and Department of Homeland Security investigators were notified that a residence in the Jenny Lind area was making child pornography files available for download.

A resident of the home, Kelly Riley, 43, said she was responsible for trafficking the images, according to the release.

In an interview, she told officers that she would send the photos to people she met online, authorities said. The sheriff's office noted that the images were "very graphic" and show children that appear to be between 6 and 10 years old.

Law enforcement confiscated Riley’s electronic devices to examine them for additional child-porn images. Additional charges could be added if more is found, authorities said

According to the news release, the 43-year-old was babysitting a 5-year-old child at the time of her arrest, and the Department of Human Services was contacted. There was no evidence that the child was harmed by Riley, the sheriff's office said.

Riley was booked into jail Jan 5 and released on $10,000 bond Monday, records show.

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