Arkansas congressmen cool on Trump's tweets


Several members of the all-Republican Arkansas congressional delegation would like to see President Donald Trump tone down or scale back his Twitter pronouncements.

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RBear says...

Trump's tweets have been one of the biggest problems of this administration. Some people think it's acceptable with the reasoning that he's speaking from the voice of the people. That's actually a bad thing for a number of reasons. A) that is not my voice nor that of the majority of the country and to play that card shows ignorance of our Republic, and B) in many cases those tweets create conflicting messaging to not only the American public, but to the world. It shows how unstable the man really is.
It's time for Trump to actually act like a president and quit trying to score points with the white trailer park trash crew. After the profanity expressed in the meeting yesterday, Trump is not my president and an embarrassment to the office.

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WGT says...

Trump must go. Republicans must go. Vote. Vote them out.

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PopMom says...


Go one more step than vote. Organize. Join your local democratic party now. Register people to vote. Make plans to help this summer and next fall. Fight, fight, fight....

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TimberTopper says...

If the congressmen think Trump is moving the nation in the right direction, they like him are lost as well. They are a gutless bunch of azz kissers that need to be replaced as they like him have no morals or pride in this country!

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BoudinMan says...

It is amazing, but not surprising, to see the silence on the part of the repubs on trump's vile statement yesterday re: s-hole countries. Only a brave few have made a comment in the negative. It was reported that Boy Wonder, Cotton, was in the meeting. No word from the ADG's favorite son yet.

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BoudinMan says...

In other news from the bizarro world known also as the trump presidency, Dear Leader will not be making his scheduled trip to London as planned. Is it because of the negative press he's been getting there lately? Is it because the mayor of London said trump would not be welcomed there? No. It's because of, well, Obama. Folks, you cannot make this stuff up.

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TimberTopper says...

BM, he said it was because the former embassy had been sold too cheaply by Obama. LOL! That was done before Obama was sworn in. The POTUS is a nut case, as is some of his supporters!

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RBear says...

BM just read that. One of the stupidest reasons I’ve seen by the idiot president lately. This guy honestly doesn’t have a clue how to be a world leader. He was a lousy businessman who had to be bailed out several times and now he’s as bad or worse a world leader. Then you have his supportive demographic who couldn’t think their way out of a barrel.

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chauhan says...

Arkansas congressional men cool on trump tweets,
.... are you serious. What a bunch of boot licking coward morons.

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GeneralMac says...

(1st post by RBear).............."trying to score points with the white trailer park trash crew"

Were you equally upset when Barack HUSSEIN Obama tried constantly to " score points" with the Black ghetto " crew" ?

He stuck his nose into ongoing criminal investigations and even claimed a young thug as his hypothetical son.

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RevHog1 says...

No comment from the future, anointed and being groomed Republican candidate for POTUS? Lay low, 'bro....don't get involved in this (right). Yet, "you" were sitting in the meeting - and - made no position taking; not for America's history; not for "diversity" America; not for human decency. Well, guess it has nothing to do with money - so, what the heck? Right....

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ARMNAR says...

Ooooh. HUSSEIN!!! Booga booga!

What a racist.

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gagewatcher says...

strange isn't it that the American public, media, school boards, etc can openly discuss transgender bathroom possibilities and gay men not getting the wedding cake of their choice but have a president of the most powerful county in the world.say the obvious is just so darn shocking. heaven forbid sounds like the talking heads and liberals have turned into a bunch of sissy old biddies. I appreciate someone who shoots straight. and not some limp wrist- politically correct ding bat that is only worried about how he sounds. adults only? when did we quit calling a spade a spade ?

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3WorldState1 says...

For eight years all the Repubs screamed about was lack of leadership. Talk about a failure to lead. 99.9% of republicans have had their testicles removed. Spineless losers scared of a racist old man. Pathetic.

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GeneralMac says...

ARMNAR...........I point out Obama's Muslim name.

Strange you think Muslim is a race.

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RBear says...

Ruby, obviously racist comments.

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PopMom says...

rubythecat wants to take down the Statue of Liberty. Actually, some of the people coming from third world countries are well educated and tech savvy. My son' french tutor is from the Congo and speaks 6 languages. The tennis pro at our country club is from Ghana. I run into doctors, nurses, and high tech people who are from some of these third world countries. Racists just love to stereotype people by the color of their skin. Shame on you rubythecat.

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BigA says...

Great editorial... wait, this is in the fake news page. I guess I should ignore this.

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PM1118 says...

When “saying what you think” deteriorates to vulgarities, racism, and lies.....it violates the civility of conversation. Again and again, he insults foreign leaders, tries to abridge freedom of speech, denigrates honest members of Congress, and denies saying things, even when there is confirmed evidence that he did. He destroys trust, and has embarrassed this great country while encouraging divisiveness and hate. There is no way he or our congressional delegation can term him successful and accomplished.....unless they are as dumb as Trump is. Hmmm...

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3WorldState1 says...

PM - The Trump supporters would call that being Presidential. These are the people that see their county as the entire world. Small minded individuals. Either poorly educated or racist. And many times both.

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GeneralMac says...

President Trump's crude description of a country was accurate in describing Somalia.
The US sends troops to provide humanitarian aid and soldiers get killed and bodies dragged down the street.

Then Muslim refugees flock to the US instead of trying to defend their country and try to demand factories set their break schedules according to Muslim prayer times.

Also, many instances of Muslim clerics recruiting young Muslim men to go over and train in terrorist camps.

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3WorldState1 says...

You are certainly entitled to your self righteous, racists views. And I can certainly see why you are excited to have the same as your President.

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GeneralMac says...

3Worldstate..............what I posted was facts ( not opinions)

You are free to debate any of those FACTS that I posted.

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btwice says...

GeneralMac - Generalizations are not facts.

And typing that I just realized your screen name is apropos.

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RBear says...

GM, you are probably one of the most racist ones in here and your recent OPINION is further proof of that. You probably have never really met or befriended a Muslim so why don't you just admit everything you say is opinion or taken from second-hand unvalidated statements.
BTW, bombing civilians with drones is not providing humanitarian aid. Oh, and that SINGLE incident of a service member being dragged was NOT a humanitarian aid mission.

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Wowy says...

Hahaha, LOVE TRUMP, love his tweets, can't wait to get up and see how he poked his Cheetos crusted little finger in the eye of the dimwits!! Trump has been given to us real Americans by Almighty God so, it's little wonder that when his Orange Light shines, the dimwitted, Christian hating, gay loving communists BURN and start digging at their waded panties. All they can do then is hollar "racist, racist" . So, get ready trans- girls, the Orange God-man and his great Orange glow will last a thousand years. Burn baby burn, hahaha!!!

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GeneralMac says...

RBear..........everything in my post about Somalia and Muslims was fact.

Just because it did not happen in Arkansas does not make it fiction.

Posted 12 January 2018, 12:35 p.m. Suggest removal

GeneralMac says...

RBear......" bombing civilians with drones "

I am referring to Black Hawk down which happened in 1993 ( early in President Clinton's FIRST term )

Not any drones being used against Muslims in Somalia back then.

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GeneralMac says...

btwice...........my posting name comes from being a historian of WWII and thinking of the great generals.

WWII was the last big war we won because our country was determined to fight until TOTAL victory was achieved.

We have had no problem with Japan or Germany in over 72 years.

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RBear says...

GM, OMFG. 1993 and you try to create relevance to today? I guess we should verbally attack the British for their acts during the Revolutionary War based on your logic. You're so out of touch with current reality it's almost embarrassing.
BTW, where did Trump mention Somalia? Did I miss something?

Posted 12 January 2018, 1 p.m. Suggest removal

GeneralMac says...

RBear.............Somalia is no better today than it was then ( maybe worse)
His description of sxxx country fit the Muslim country of Somalia to a T.

Many of the Muslims being recruited in Muslim mosques to become terrorists happened in Minneapolis MN which has a large Somali Muslim community.

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GeneralMac says...

i post FACTS.

Many here do not want to hear FACTS.

Posted 12 January 2018, 1:09 p.m. Suggest removal

notbot says...

Well, they all look to turn our state and others themselves, nothing needed from any party there.

Posted 12 January 2018, 1:16 p.m. Suggest removal

Packman says...

It's pretty entertaining watching all this fake outrage from bedwetting libs. Where was their outrage when Joe Biden and Kirsten Gillibrand were dropping F bombs right and left or the most vile language imaginable was flowing over the lips of feminist leaders like Rosie O and Madonna? Most entertaining of all is we are now learning they've all once again got their pink momma panties in a wad (male and female libs alike) over FAKE NEWS!
According to Jake Tapper the anonymous sources conflated comments made during two separate and distinct discussions and created a narrative essentially from thin air. President Trump may have used the term "sh*thole" but not in the context described by the anonymous sources. Textbook definition of FAKE NEWS.

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B2R says...

trump is a disgusting pig. CONservatives are afraid to stand up to the bully.
the gop has become a rich white communist loving racist party, makin' amerika white again.

Posted 12 January 2018, 1:45 p.m. Suggest removal

memaw2 says...

Arkansans - do we really want this obscene man in our White House? I'm tired of people, especially Republicans, making excuses for this man's behavior. All of you who are supposed to represent the fine people who elected you, ought to stand up and tell us the truth about this hideous unprincipled insane man.

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RBear says...

No GM, most of what you post is OPINION. Many here do not want to hear your OPINION.
Pack, already refuted your Tapper claims in another article. Here is Tapper's tweet on the matter you are trying to conflate, "Then in a separate part of the conversation when they were referencing the diversity visa lottery, President Trump referred to people coming from Africa as coming from “sh*thole countries.”
That is not two separate and distinct conversations. It's another part of the SAME conversation. Sorry, but you have such a hard time keeping facts straight.

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GeneralMac says...

RBear............( regarding your opinions) when was the minimum wage ever a living age?

Posted 12 January 2018, 3:30 p.m. Suggest removal

DerbiRider says...

Cotton's starry eyes somehow keep his ears from working. Perhaps Ranger Tom needs to have a medical checkup also.

Posted 12 January 2018, 4:16 p.m. Suggest removal

wildblueyonder says...

RBear, Trump NEVER was YOUR president, don't act so offended. Phony nonsense that no one really believes.

Posted 12 January 2018, 4:18 p.m. Suggest removal

RBear says...

GM, it was decades ago but Republicans have blocked raising it to keep up with prices and costs. For all their “concern” for the American people they rarely really care.
Gohogs, that’s the problem. He should be my president but his behavior is deplorable and your acceptance is even more deplorable.

Posted 12 January 2018, 4:40 p.m. Suggest removal

wildblueyonder says...

Rbear, being as dense as you are, let me assist you in clarifying something. I NEVER want to be associated with any of your feckless opinions or your advice re any subject. Glad I could help such a desperate individual.

Posted 12 January 2018, 4:53 p.m. Suggest removal

RBear says...

Gohogs, get a life and learn to contribute to society. As it is now, you’re pretty much a no-op and just ride the coattails of others with your underachieving comments.

Posted 12 January 2018, 5:02 p.m. Suggest removal

wildblueyonder says...

Rbear, ditto to you.

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carpenterretired says...

Catch 22 for Arkansas congressmen (and the boys in the turnip truck) is Trump's cloud of evil as it has been said that those that ignore evil are accomplices to evil.

Posted 12 January 2018, 9:03 p.m. Suggest removal

GeneralMac says...

." it was decades ago "

A very vague answer from RBear.

I can assure you that you can go back 5 decades and the minimum wage still wasn't a living wage.

It never was meant to be.

Posted 12 January 2018, 9:05 p.m. Suggest removal

PopMom says...


I agree that the minimum wage was not meant to be a living wage. I do favor modest increases though. More importantly, I favor better schools and more aid to college students. It is too expensive for poor and middle class kids to go to college, and too many public schools in this nation are subpar.

Posted 13 January 2018, 8:28 a.m. Suggest removal

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