Not just this president

The Internet is aflame with outrage over the president's comments this week. There are already many calls to apologize, and there will be more to come.

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23cal says...

What a sad case of whataboutism.
Regarding "But let's be real: U.S. media has long treated black and brown countries like "s***holes." Ummmm......the vague U.S. media isn't the leader of this country and the official international representative of it. That is the president. No matter the shortcomings of the vague "media", what the president said was the wrong thing to say. It was inappropriate.
It isn't the job of the media to promulgate international goodwill and friendships. That is the job of the elected leader of this country.......and he just failed miserably. The red herring of the media will only work with the worst of the right wing.

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gagewatcher says...

then why does our government keep sending our taxpayer's money to the different African countries ? why does our money pay for their Ebola vaccines and mosquito netting. ? why did Italians have inside running water in 79 AD but we send money to different African countries to help fund them to dig wells ?

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rangerm says...

Racism is a learned experience, the environment a person grows up in and is exposed to determines their growth of the issue. Senator Tom Cotton who served bravely in our armed forces and was honored for that service has now exposed that environment . His confederate flag is flying once again with cowardice and political ambition, one can be a patriot and serve his or her country , it is the life they lead in the civilian society they represent after . Tom Cotton has changed , his blind faith is not admirable, we do not follow a man , we follow our constitution and moral rights. For all people we fight and die for freedom , not racist views or wrongs of a President, this president has baited the base of division , the deep south has fallen for it once again, Trump is a divisive and inherently evil person with no compass , the people or trump cult have a myopic view and will not change , a 71 yr. old man who was born into a millionaire life with maids and private schools , along with gangster connections thru his fathers world and his will not change,does Sen . Cotton believe his ambitions and loyalty to one man who is now President Trump will over ride our core values as a people and our constitution of the USA. I also served as a US MARINE /RECON , I have the core of SEMPER FIDELIS , we fight for freedom of all people regardless of education or religion or economic status or their RACE or Color ..Sen Cotton .. you have turned into a POLITICAL COWARD, why you abandoned the honors you deserved from your service to our country is your own personal demons .

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