Two worlds

When money fairly shouts

"Money matters. If you don't have it, you cannot spend it."

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23cal says...

About " For example, he said, instead of simply handing out raises to teachers, why not identify the best ones, and raise their salaries?"
Ummmmm.....I thought this article was about how we spent too much money on education. How does raising salaries not spend more money?

Studies show that the editor's universal panacea of charter schools as a whole don't really do a better job. Pesky facts.
Last year I had a conversation with a charter school teacher. He said an overwhelming number of the charter school teachers were people who couldn't pass the qualifications to teach in public school or had been washed out of the public school systems.
About "Secretary DeVos has made clear her mission is to ensure every child has the opportunity to attend a school that offers an excellent education that meets their individual needs." Exactly how is she accomplishing this for the ones who don't get to go to charter schools? You know, the ones left in those failing/weak public schools which will be in even worse shape after losing students and the dollars which go with them to charter schools?
Why not just make public schools better?
By the way, although "...... more money doesn't necessarily equate to better education", less money almost always equates to poorer education. That education levels can drop doesn't mean with less money it wouldn't drop more than that.

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