Arkansas congressman's defense on TV of Trump draws criticism


Photographs by Charlie Kaijo

3rd District Republican Congressman Steve Womack of Rogers speaks to kids on Monday, October 16, 2017 at Lincoln Junior High School in Bentonville.

Some Democrats and opponents who plan to run against 3rd District Republican Congressman Steve Womack of Rogers criticized him after he tried to defend President Donald Trump's recent reference to immigrants from "s***hole" countries.


Trump denies vulgarity

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TuckerMax says...

Womack thinks he can put lipstick on the racist pig.

Posted 13 January 2018, 6:44 a.m. Suggest removal

RBear says...

Womack misses the points of Trump's statements which makes this even more disgusting. Trump feels it's acceptable to insult and degrade humans in a racist manner without really looking for solutions. Trump represents an office that has been revered until his presidency. Womack is stuck with the racist idiot in it now and can only double-speak a defense which makes the congressman look even more stupid than Trump.
For a party that claims to stand for the people, they are about as feckless and insolent as they come.

Posted 13 January 2018, 6:52 a.m. Suggest removal

PopMom says...

The truth of the matter is that most of the African immigrants who come here are the well educated from those countries. Trump and Womack are not the types to ever meet b;lack people so they don't know.

Posted 13 January 2018, 7:30 a.m. Suggest removal

23cal says...

About "..... I try to look beyond those statements and just get to the root of what he is saying." This is seriously wrong.
Of course, when you do that, you get to insert anything which appeals to you in place of what was actually said.
The president is surrounded by verbal pooper scoopers who are constantly trying to clean up the mess he leaves whenever he speaks.
Part of the job description of the leader of the free world is to be able to communicate clearly.....not to have everyone "try to look beyond those statements."
About "And what he is saying is, we need to do a better job of attracting people..." Nope, what he is saying is that he is a racist and this is a White America. When every individual gets to decide what is "the root of what he is saying", we come up with widely divergent interpretations. This is why the leader of our nation needs to be able to express himself clearly without being surrounded by a legion of deniers, apologists, and spinners.
About "Steve Womack is trafficking in racist comments and playing dog whistle politics." Why, yes....yes, he is.

Posted 13 January 2018, 7:40 a.m. Suggest removal

RBear says...

Exactly PM. Trump spends so much time trying to appease his base he overlooks reality and trying to understand the truth. I wish Cotton had the decency to do as Sen. Graham did and admonish the president for the comments. Instead, he doesn't recall the comments which pretty much shows how feckless he is. What is more disturbing is much of Cotton's base here in Arkansas views these comments as acceptable, showing how low Trump has dragged the country.

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mozarky2 says...

Anderson Cooper, while decrying President Trump calling Haiti a s***hole, refers to Haiti as, well...a s***hole!
"I've never met a Haitian who isn't strong," Cooper said as he choked back tears. "You have to be to survive in a place where the government has often abandoned its people, where opportunities are few and where mother nature has punished the people far more than anyone should ever be punished".

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PopMom says...


Ireland wasn't a nice place during the potato famine. However, you do not insult foreign countries. By suggesting that we take people from Norway, but not Africa, Trump is suggesting that we take whites but not blacks. Many people can come from poor countries and still be educated. These people have enough education and money for the VISA application fees. They have a higher median education than the average American. Many of them decided to come here after going to school here. Trump clearly does not understand the vetting process, and he knows nothing about diplomacy. The fact that people all over the world are denouncing us today does take notice away from the $130,000 Trump paid the porn star to be hush about there encounter when he was first married to Melania.

Posted 13 January 2018, 8:25 a.m. Suggest removal

RBear says...

Yes PM, people like moz just don't understand how you act on the international stage and what is decency compared to what is not. Trump plays to this demographic and they pride themselves in exhibiting and accepting this sort of behavior. In the UK, they would be called hooligans.

Posted 13 January 2018, 8:30 a.m. Suggest removal

BoudinMan says...

PopMom, to your point, I believe the percentage of college graduates immigrating to the U.S. from Nigeria is 43%. The percentage of Americans with college degrees overall, 33%.

Posted 13 January 2018, 8:35 a.m. Suggest removal

BoudinMan says...

One interesting facet of all this, ta da, economics. The continent of Africa is attracting entrepeneurs, capital investment, research and development, and venture capitalists from all over the world. What does trump's actions here do to the chances of us getting a share of that largesse of natural resources and other goodies? Well, don't look now, but guess who has been busy wheeling and dealing in Africa. The Chinese. The man doesn't have a clue. As for Womack, 11.6.18

Posted 13 January 2018, 8:42 a.m. Suggest removal

Nodmcm says...

C'mon, Norwegians have much better lives on average than Americans. On virtually every measure of human well-being, most of the countries of northern Europe blow America away! It is as laughable to suggest Norwegians move to America as it is laughable to suggest that Trump and his billionaire friends living in New York City penthouses sell their homes and all up and move to Little Rock. By the way, if their are ____hole states in Trump's opinion, using his racial metrics, I wonder if Arkansas is in that list.

Posted 13 January 2018, 8:53 a.m. Suggest removal

BoudinMan says...

What is so comical about this, is the fact that countries like Norway, whom the repubs admire so much, attain their level of excellence through taxes, government involvement in regulating aspects of society like medical care, and having a socialistic attitude toward governing. The repubs may like Norway, but they would never imitate their form of government. That leaves the fact that Norway is a "white" country to explain the right wing's infatuation.

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23cal says...

Bingo for BoudinMan!

Posted 13 January 2018, 9:54 a.m. Suggest removal

drs01 says...

There are sh** holes all over the world. Haiti is one, but so are parts of Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington DC. and most every urban city in this country. Even parts of Africa too. Trump is unconventional; his choice of words reflect that. But if you can get past the choice of words, he speaks what the majority feel is correct. Truth is we already have enough welfare types here. Our legal citizens represent a substantial size group. Add in the illegals and the welfare bus is full. We don't need any more who the liberals and democrats can exploit like they have in this state and nation since the Civil War.

Posted 13 January 2018, 9:58 a.m. Suggest removal

PopMom says...


These immigrants have higher levels of employment than the average American. Get your racist head out of your rear end and look at the facts. It was an awakening for me to go to my nephew's graduation from Wharton business school and see how many Africans and others from third world countries were graduating from there. These people don't come here for welfare. They come here to be free and work.

Posted 13 January 2018, 10:11 a.m. Suggest removal

RBear says...

drs, you are incorrect in saying he speaks for the majority of America. In fact, at best he speaks for his base which a) is continually declining and b) shows how deplorable that base really is. With regards to other sh*tholes, I'm sure there's one in your city/town based on your POV. The cities you list are urban areas, but in those cities are neighborhoods that make your own city/town look like a sh*thole. Ever been to Georgetown or Lincoln Park? My guess is you couldn't afford to live in the ten square miles of DC.
Those are also home to some strong innovation that Arkansas can only dream to achieve. Yes, it's all relative and both you and Trump missed that fact which others in here are pointing out. BTW, many of the welfare types in the US are from white trailer park trash who are meth heads in the rural areas of AR, TN, MS, and LA. Facts in that statement.

Posted 13 January 2018, 10:11 a.m. Suggest removal

23cal says...

One of the problems with calling Haiti a sh*thole country is that the United States helped make it a sh*thole by supporting the father and son butcher team of Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvaliar. Many Haitian immigrants to this country fled to escape torture and murder at their hands, supported by our tax dollars.

Posted 13 January 2018, 10:47 a.m. Suggest removal

mozarky2 says...

And one thing RB doesn't understand is my keen insight and rapier sharp wit. It goes right over his pointy little head every time.
Meanwhile, from National Proletarian Radio:
Port-au-Prince is about the size of Chicago. But it doesn't have a sewer system. It's one of the largest cities in the world without one.
That's a big problem, but never more so than during a time of cholera... the disease is endemic — more than a half-million people have gotten sick and at least 7,050 have died.
The cumulative sewage of 3 million people flows through open ditches. It mixes with ubiquitous piles of garbage. Each night, an all-but-invisible army of workers called bayakou descend into man-sized holes with buckets to remove human waste from septic pits and latrines, then dump it into the canals that cut through the city.
Hmmm- sounds to me like Haiti just might be (gasp) a s***hole!

Posted 13 January 2018, 11:40 a.m. Suggest removal

RBear says...

Wait moz, didn't you call Chicago a sh*thole? Are you going back on your statement? Actually I catch your lack of sharp wit more than anything. You're about the dullest of the right wing crew, but you'd never realize it since you're pretty much in an echo chamber of thought. BTW, you might recall that Haiti was wrecked by one of the worst earthquakes of this hemisphere which would devastate the infrastructure. Yes, earthquake don't play nicely with buried infrastructure. But those facts elude you. Did your little right wing website tell you that also?
Regardless, these people are strong and determined, probably more than you. I've known people who went on missions to Haiti after the earthquake and the dictatorial regime of Baby Doc. They continue to go to help rebuild Haiti and it is rebuilding after earthquakes and hurricanes.

Posted 13 January 2018, 11:55 a.m. Suggest removal

wildblueyonder says...

If you libs love socialist countries so much, why don't you move there? You could then have all the freebies you want. Most Americans don't want socialism so your arguments are moot.

Posted 13 January 2018, 12:42 p.m. Suggest removal

RBear says...

Gohogs, respecting those of other countries doesn’t mean we don’t love America. We just believe we should respect and treat others with dignity. Apparently you don’t. I thought you were a Christian. Guess I’m mistaken. You have the most twisted and convoluted thinking of anyone I’ve seen on here.

Posted 13 January 2018, 12:49 p.m. Suggest removal

wildblueyonder says...

Thank you, Rbear, for your personal comments. Apparently, you don't treat anyone with dignity so don't act as if you do. I'm more Christian than you'll ever be, especially with your homosexual preferences. Speaking of twisted and convoluted thinking, you win the prize.

Posted 13 January 2018, 1:11 p.m. Suggest removal

ARMNAR says...

Christians are known by their actions. You don't qualify, gohogs. You came close when you apologized to me, but then you never changed the behavior which prompted the apology in the first place.


Posted 13 January 2018, 1:22 p.m. Suggest removal

wildblueyonder says...

Well then, Armnar, based on your reply, you're NO Christian, that's obvious. By your actions and remarks you've never changed your behavior. To "borrow" your ubiquitous phrase,
duly noted. Sorry you are.

Posted 13 January 2018, 2:25 p.m. Suggest removal

TimberTopper says...

one must overlook the short comings of hoggy, his mental capacity is so strained that he actually doesn't know if he is taking a crap or winding his watch most of the time.

Posted 13 January 2018, 4:12 p.m. Suggest removal

RBear says...

gohogs, I'm just pointing out the idiocy of your comments. I know, it's really hard to put together coherent points when you immerse yourself in the alt right space and fail to research anything. That echo chamber must be deafening.

Posted 13 January 2018, 4:15 p.m. Suggest removal

wildblueyonder says...

I'm outnumbered here 10 to 1 but that's okay. I love a challenge. Best of luck to all you deviates.

Posted 13 January 2018, 4:54 p.m. Suggest removal

WGT says...

Mr. Womack,
You are deplorable. You are unacceptable. You will be voted out. Good day.

Posted 13 January 2018, 5:41 p.m. Suggest removal

gagewatcher says...

what a non story. if i was sitting in my office surrounded by employees and stated i hated to get in line behind a fat tailed woman doesn't mean I hate everyone from Mississippi(highest obesity rate in us) .you should be able to talk turkey to your employees in the privacy of your office. I'm more ashamed of the people who ratted him out. and they are ---hole countries. that i believe we should stop sending u.s taxpayer money to. support them . please tell me why the Italians had piped in running water into their homes in 79 A. D but we're sending our money to countries in the 21st century to teach them how to dig a well ?

Posted 13 January 2018, 6:08 p.m. Suggest removal

carpenterretired says...

Always wonder how many of the boys in the turnip truck mooch their health care off taxpayers with European style socialism(Medicare) or pay the light bill by mooching off taxpayers with European style socialism(Social Security) or perhaps even mooched a free public high school diploma off tax payers. Folks you should take into consideration that Wormack as well as many of the boys in the turnip were raised in the last days of segregation culture and could benefit from turning off Fox/GOP propaganda long to read the gospel of Matthew.

0or pay the light bill and cable bill in order to watch Fox news by mooching off taxpayers with European style socialism Social Security

Posted 13 January 2018, 6:30 p.m. Suggest removal

mozarky2 says...

WGT, vote Womack out? HA! Never happen!
Arkansas' Congressional delegation will consist of 6 Republicans for the foreseeable future.
The voters can't even elect a dimocrat in the s***hole that is Pulaski County!
How do you expect to unseat Womack from his 3rd District seat?
You, RB, and ARMNAR need to get a clue, but that's pretty hard to do when you're sealed up in an echo chamber, I guess...

Posted 13 January 2018, 6:30 p.m. Suggest removal

RBear says...

ruby, maybe that's the way you roll but in my office we practice dignity and respect. In fact, in EVERY company I've worked for that's how we do it. Maybe that's the problem with the Trump demographic, they've never really been in leadership roles because they are so disrespectful.

Posted 13 January 2018, 6:31 p.m. Suggest removal

wildblueyonder says...

Cabinetmaker, hate to disappoint you but I'm not on Medicare or Social Security. I am retired but I don't sponge off others as you and others apparently do.
And Rbear, dignity and respect may be practiced in your office but I'll bet you're not part of it. That's laughable! You wouldn't know respect if it bit you in the aZZ.

Posted 13 January 2018, 6:49 p.m. Suggest removal

GeneralMac says...

Trump accurately described many African countries.

Governing by warlords.
Murdering rampages.
Begging US for food then attacking our soldiers if we try to give humanitarian aid.

Posted 13 January 2018, 7:34 p.m. Suggest removal

PopMom says...


Nazi Germany was not paradise either, and it was not that long ago. Many of Trump's followers want to go back to that "great time" by demeaning minorities in every way possible. Many great people can come from countries that were not great places to live--such as Einstein.

In any event, a president's job description does not include insulting other nations. The U.S. is being condemned throughout the world.

Posted 13 January 2018, 7:58 p.m. Suggest removal

wildblueyonder says...

PopMom, you're absurd when you say people want to go back to that "great time" of Nazi Germany. Where's your proof of that, since it's not a fact?

Posted 13 January 2018, 9:31 p.m. Suggest removal

mozarky2 says...

gohogs, RB is a member of a protected, privileged group. He's gay, henceforth immune to criticism in the world at large. He mistakenly believes that everyone can be forced to cater to him.
IOW, never refuse to bake him a cake! Now, I would never refuse to bake him a cake because he's gay.
BUT, I would refuse to bake him a cake because he's an odious individual.
He, along with his fellow "progs" LimberLiar, AMNAZZ, and PopulistMom are so hopelessly misinformed it's laughable.
The coming few weeks are NOT going to be kind to them...and they never saw it coming.

Posted 13 January 2018, 10:36 p.m. Suggest removal

ARMNAR says...

So vituperative. Sheesh.

Posted 13 January 2018, 11:48 p.m. Suggest removal

TimberTopper says...

So hoggy hasn't reached the age of 65 yet. Yet he states he is retired. Interesting. Maybe he's out on disability and hasn't reached that 2 year mark yet, or maybe he's living off of work comp. claim. Of course he could be living off the love offerings from his church, or he could be in the pen. Of course he could be, just a little rich boy that never found anything in life he was good at.

Posted 14 January 2018, 7:41 a.m. Suggest removal

PopMom says...


Remember the White Supremacist/Trump supporter gathering in Charlottesville? Those guys adored Hitler and were marching and making antisemitic statements. How is the president saying that he wants to keep the brown people out and let the blonde Norwegians in different from Hitler's stance on the superiority of the Aryan race?

Posted 14 January 2018, 7:53 a.m. Suggest removal

wildblueyonder says...

Treetrimmer, you can't read, can you? No wonder you're a liberal nut. I'm not on disability, or workman's comp. I said I was retired but don't want Medicare or live on Social(ist) Security. I've got a great retirement package that's quite good. You libs make up fake reports or assumptions in every facet of your vivid imaginations. I'm just glad I find contentment in life as you liberals must be miserable every day. I've NEVER Seen a liberal satisfied with anything. Sad!

Posted 14 January 2018, 4:49 p.m. Suggest removal

Packman says...

What's wrong with trying to do a better job of attracting people to America that are problem solvers instead of problem makers as Mr. Womack said?

Posted 14 January 2018, 7:10 p.m. Suggest removal

JA40 says...

What you think (?) the potus is saying isn't what he's saying. I don't understand that. You just overlook what he says, and put your words into it???

Posted 15 January 2018, 10:58 a.m. Suggest removal

DontDrinkDatKoolAid says...

Funny, nobody is backing Dick Durbin.

Posted 23 January 2018, 12:18 a.m. Suggest removal

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