HIGH PROFILE: On Centers for Youth and Families board, Ron Boyeskie looks out for overlooked children


Photographs by Mitchell PE Masilun

“You’re dealing with not only children, but adolescents and then young adults. And they all have different needs, so there’s the reason for so many programs.”

Ron Boyeskie wants to make sure all children have the little things that make up a home: comfortable furniture, clothing that fits, birthday gifts.


Ron Boyeskie

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: Feb. 3, 1947, Crossett

ONE THING I WISH PEOPLE KNEW ABOUT CENTERS FOR YOUTH AND FAMILIES: That they’d recognize that there are children in society that need their help. Because they didn’t ask to be where their lives have taken them.

MY PETS: We have Grace. She is 2 years old, and she’s a rescue puppy. For 10 years, I wouldn’t have a pet because we buried the last one after he was 14 years old. I said, “I’m not going to have any more pets. It hurts too much.” But my wife and I have Grace Kelly, and she owns both of us.

MY FAVORITE BASEBALL TEAMS: Well, I’m a big Razorback baseball fan. The only time I watched pro baseball was during the World Series. If I had a favorite team, it would be the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Yankees, which are just opposites of each other. As a kid, they’re all your heroes.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT MY WORK WITH CENTERS: I guess I know that we’re trying to do something for children that they can’t help themselves with. Centers, it’s got a long name and a complicated structure because we do so many diverse things. But what it is, is it’s the involvement in a life without hope, without love. They get to see a glimpse of it in a short period of time, something they don’t have. That, to me, is what Centers is about.



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