Deadline tonight for Arkansas Works enrollees; 8,000+ lack coverage requirement

Thousands of Arkansas Works enrollees will be out of compliance with the program's work requirement unless they log into a state website by 9 p.m. today to report on their activities or exemption status for last month.

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RBear says...

Looking over this, I hope these individuals figure out the process. I don't see anything too unreasonable, but there are still a lot that haven't met the requirements of the program. My guess is several thousand will drop off tonight from the program. As it ramps up, I'm hoping DHS does some re-evaluations of the process to see why so many didn't meet the requirement.

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JakeTidmore says...

Proverbs 14:31 English Standard Version (ESV)
Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker,
but he who is generous to the needy honors him.
Faux christians will tell you otherwise. Sadly, they make up the majority of conservatives, who are religious and political hypocrites magna cum laude, more interested in serving the powerful than in helping the poor and needy.
Though they claim to be lions, their braying voices give away their true nature.

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GeneralMac says...

Tidmore..........we taxpayers are VERY generous to ABLE BODIED people.

They still can get "freebies" but a few conditions must be met.

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Delta123 says...

Jake, do you really think this oppresses the poor? Seriously? Do you really think it’s ok for perfectly healthy fully able bodied people to get free government assistance (essentially forever) like this?

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NWAGrandma says...

Jake Tidmore, you express my thoughts exactly! How is a poor person who does not own a computer or an iPhone, lives miles from a town, perhaps takes care of a disabled family member(s) has a broken-down, very old car and lives on maybe $700 a month supposed to manage this dreadful, inhumane, yes, STUPID policy?? I'd like for all those "fine", holier-than-we-are "Christians" in the Legislature to read and re-read Matthew 25:31-46, The Judgement of the Nations: I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, etc...

I think all these thoughtless, clueless, inefficient, ineffective so-called "representatives" of the people are going to be in for quite a big surprise when they meet their Maker.

If the fine "Christian" reps are going to put up difficult hurdles for these STRUGGLING people to jump over, then by golly they should have set up some easier ways for them to report in.

There are a whole bunch of mean-spirited people who need to be voted OUT of office in every upcoming election.

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GeneralMac says...

NWA Grandma........there is NO REASON for any ABLE BODIED person to be not working and " going hungry".


The list of exceptions offered is a mile long and I am sure if a he is......" taking care of a disabled family member" he would keep his benefits.

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RBear says...

Hold on NWAGrandma. That person you describe has to have SOME sort of access to be enrolled to start with. If they can enroll, they can report. Health care insurance doesn't just come automatically. Based on the scenario you portray, most likely they have an exemption from the work/volunteer/school requirement. I have been watching to see if this will be an insurmountable requirement and quite frankly, it is not. If they can get to a doctor, they can get to a DHS office, a library, or a social organization.

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GeneralMac says...

RBear beat me to it.

......." If they can ENROLL, they can REPORT "

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2thepoint says...

NWA Grandma I am with you. There is a lot of bias and passing of judgement that does not belong in our decision making. Us and them mentality. Vote out anyone that does not care for the everyday people.

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GeneralMac says...

."everyday people"...........ABLE BODIED young men who receive welfare and want no restrictions attached are certainly NOT " everyday people"

Welfare bums is a better adjective.

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GeneralMac says...

There is not an infinite amount of welfare money to dish out.

By eliminating the undeserving, we can assure there is money available for the deserving.

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JakeTidmore says...

Just don't be a stupid SOB and hurt the deserving in the process, especially one that certainly is not as easy as Hutchinson makes it out to be. Collateral damage is not to be tolerated in these circumstances. It is unchristian, uncharitable, and should be un-American. We're a better nation than that.
If I offend any callous, stupid SOBs - grow up and remember to be your brothers & sisters keeper.
And don't make us get started on the hypocritical corporate/billionaire welfare system which conservatives support without blinking an eye. Christ had a lot of things to say about SOBs who cozied up to rich folks and turned their backs on the poor, the needy, the elderly, and the children - and it wasn't nice either.

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GeneralMac says...

Jack Tidmore...........what part of ABLE BODIED without dependents "......can't you understand?

You try to muddy the waters by tossing words like " elderly" "the children" when this has nothing to do about them.

Shame on you !

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workerman says...

I once had my coverage that i was paying for cancelled by Blue Cross. Simply because they sent a letter asking to verify if i had any other health insurance and i didn’t respond. My thinking was hey, Of course i don’t have any other coverage, what i had from them was already costing my family $1,200 a month after Obamacare was implemented. It was reinstated after i called and verified i didn’t have other coverage.

I guess that was cruel and inhuman treatment?

So i guess if they can cancel a product i had already paid for because i didn’t verify something inconsequential, people getting something for free can also be expected to verify their status just like the rest of us.

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GeneralMac says...

Jake Tidmore and Grandma remind me of another person who muddied the waters by using false analogies.

The lawyer for the family of that thug that got shot in Ferguson MO.
He was on TV shooting his mouth off about.........." hands in the air, don't shoot"....... and stated " the cops still shot him.

When it was pointed out that never happened ( the hands in the air and he gotg shot ) the lawyer said............" non the less" ..( and continued with his LIE.

Sure sounds like Grandma and Jake Tidmore.

If you have to resort to lies, please keep quiet !

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TimberTopper says...

Well when they fall off of this they'll go back on the taxpayers. They will not be turned away if they need medical attention. Rather than insurance paying the bill in some form, the taxpayers will. fake wait and see how much cost of care your hospital has to eat, before they close.

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mrcharles says...

GM , great satan purveyor of lies, you be quiet. You hear!
Perhaps you would be well to listen to Jake instead of your other gospel.
I would add to Jake's commentary. the words of the prophets too. Read Amos.
Bureaucracy gobly goo is hard to deal with for many. But since the right in every day and way dont care. This explanation does not mean anything then to those who are blind.
Notice how conservatives are always out of touch with modernity. That's why they like treason flags & feel superior to others, mostly without good cause. What is consistent is their convoluted explanations to ignore he who they with their mouth only worship. They be goats.

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