Some drugmakers back off price rises

Some of the world's biggest drugmakers are canceling or reducing planned price increases in the U.S., after a new California drug-pricing transparency law and continued political pressure over pharmaceutical costs.

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LRCrookAttorney says...

What really upsets me is that I had a heart attack in October (they called it the "widow maker"). I had stents placed and put on medication. One of those was a blood thinner called Brilinta. After taking this medication for about 6-7 months and paying about 18-25 dollars for a 30 day supply, the pharmacist suddenly told me that my insurance would no longer cover this medication and I would have to pay between 600-700 dollars for a 30 day supply. WHY? I could never get a satisfactory answer and basically have to assume that they are just money hungry fools that find whatever medication is selling the most and astronomically increase the price. Now I am on a blood thinner my doctor had originally told me would not be good for a 50 year old to take for the next 20-40 years. I have no choice except pay the money because I do not want to take one that will cause many other side effects that are worse than not taking it.

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