So much potato salad

I was prepared last week to hie to my bunker once all hell broke loose.

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BoudinMan says...

A certain segment of our society seems a little too prone to falling victim to these conspiracy theories. Maybe they need these fantastic stories to support their claims of victimhood. As in, "I knew Obama wasn't a real American." Or, "Obama is getting ready to invade Texas." I really don't understand it too well. It just seems like the more uneducated, uninformed, or reliant on one avenue of information a person is, the more likely he is to believe in these conspiracies. And I'm trying to be gentle about it.

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GeneralMac says...

The most gullible uninformed were those Black legislatures who believed the lie........" he was shot while he had his hands up " ( Ferguson MO )

To see the above all fall for that HOAX tells me Blacks, also, are gullible for conspiracy theories started by LIARS .

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ARMNAR says...

I'm sure we have our share of Alex Jones fans right here at AO.

I'd name names, but anybody with two functioning synapses knows who they are.

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LRCrookAttorney says...

ARMNAR...I completely agree with this comment. I have seen both sides of the aisle spreading innuendo and rumor (basically lies), forever. When the debate really gets heated is when you see the ugly head of "conspiracy" popping up from either side of the aisle.

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ARMNAR says...

Who are the left's equivalents of Alex Jones, InfoWars and Zerohedge?

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mrcharles says...

Jones meant it was going to come, his statements were just metaphorical of the coming battle in the plains outside megido.

The prophet sea bass knew this before it was known by stating his kind has lots of weapons and stand ready to use them against the non-right [think this means minorities too] . Like the kind of patriots that showed up at the bundy incident ready to shoot the guberment gestapo [ would add this seems at odds with their analysis of the left and the minorities, that they should obey the officers and obey the law- oh well we know the drill !] .

We know of precedent to be vigilant. Remember the invasion of texas by USA troops that necessitated concern by gov of texas that it might have to call out the texas guard , not just to watch this possibly northern army, but to protect texas from being taken over by the negro leader in DC. Then there reports of soros buying up all ammunition so that sea bass types could not use their deer rifles.

My main question is this war whose side will the deity be on?

Please ignore the statement by Jones [ notice his name is close to jonah, the bible prophet?] , as he has mentioned he mainly spouts BS like fox entertainment out to those who live in a bubble.

LRCA, is lies like what bill o' liely made a habit of when he was not doing what was a climate at fox with their objects of grabbing?

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23cal says...

We took Mar-A-Lago today. I got a bad tiki torch burn on my arm, but good news: the RedHats left behind a batch of Covfefe as they fled. Tonight, we feast on the cakes they refused to bake for gay people. All my love.#secondcivilwarletters
Oh Mama, do not worry, we are well hidden in the Barnes & Noble as we await our orders from General Obama - The MAGA brigade is unaware of the bookstore’s existence. We sit and slurp our covfefe behind a section of dictionaries, our second line of defense. #SecondCivilWarLetters
Dear Paw,
Today I came upon a most gruesome scene. Two men in MAGA hats lay on the ground bleeding to death as they shot each other thinking the other was the bad guy with a gun. Their general stood by and offered them his thoughts and prayers. #SecondCivilWarLetters
My Dearest,
I am not well, the MAGA disease has swept through the camp, turning men against one another. The Red Hats are carrying Tiki torches at the Battle of Covfefe and I fear this will be more brutal than the Bowling Green Massacre.
Pray for me.
BREAKING NEWS . . . Alex Jones announces trump will not be participating in the Democrats' Civil War tomorrow due to recurrence of bone spurs!

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carpenterretired says...

Wonder if by chance Alex Jones is related to Jim Jones as they seem to have had the same ability to mesmerize the most gullible uninformed fools.

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LRCrookAttorney says...

Arm..Just to start...ACORN!

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LRCrookAttorney says...

Yes...MrC...lies like what bill o' liely...and worse! The lies about "dog-whistles" and race baiting. And as you say, many undereducated idiots in America that get their news from FaceBook and the likes. They don't have the ability to actually search and see if anything they are reading is true. Nor do they care if it is true. The one I like is that "Hillary will sign a Treaty on Human Rights, which in turn will make the death penalty illegal and override the 2nd Amendment!"

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PopMom says...

23 Cal,

Very funny!

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