The Korean games

They go on long after the Olympics

The papers say the president of the United States made some sort of major announcement this week. But for all the commotion surrounding the Supreme Court pick (well-deserved commotion is still commotion), let's not skip over some other news. Once again, it started with a presidential tweet:

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WhododueDiligence says...

"The president just admitted another problem with his tariff war, but that's another editorial."
tweetle dee
tweetle dum
if you tweet it
they will come
Trump is a carnival barker for his own freak show. He snookered throngs of people into his North Korea exhibit, but that soon fizzled and closed. Now Trump's freak show is on its way to Putin. Tweet, tweet, bark, bark, step right up. See NATO crack. See Putin crack a smile.
Meanwhile back home, we're watching Trump's freakish tariff war. Wars, once started, can be devastating and are much harder to close than a carnival freak show which can simply pack up and hit the road. A freakish trade war can last a long time. It will take more than an editorial to stop it.

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