Future of 2 Arkansas medical marijuana growing facilities hinges on school definition


The future of two of Arkansas' first medical marijuana growing facilities hinges on a single question: What is a school?

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RBBrittain says...

Funny, I don't read Article 14 of the Arkansas Constitution the way Mr. Anderson does. Section 1 originally limited "free schools" to persons between 6 and 21; Amendment 53 expanded that to "free public schools" for all ages, but added limiting language that it only authorized "public school districts" to spend funds on folks outside the 6-to-21 bracket. (The Lake View cases relied on that to rule that school districts were NOT constitutionally required to offer pre-K classes.) Thru multiple amendments, the property taxes authorized by Section 3 have always gone to school districts, NOT colleges or universities. The only part of Article 14 that clearly applies to higher ed is Section 2, which protects the funds of "schools and universities" from diversion by the legislature; if this guy was right it would NOT need to say "universities", only "schools". I believe the MMC's definition of "school" in Amendment 98 *is* its "plain and ordinary meaning", especially in light of Article 14 and the alcoholic beverage laws that provision was based on (which IIRC don't apply near colleges either).

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0boxerssuddenlinknet says...

Good Grief the state is treating medical marijuana worse than it did about Nuclear waste Is big pharma restricted from building their facilities near schools, churches, etc. ? What in the world are you afraid of that a 3rd grader is going to bust into growing facilities and cultivate the plants during their lunch hour ? and thank you Rb for your detail.

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LR1955 says...

According to the 2013 Arkansas Fire Prevention Codes, K-12 are building type educational, Colleges & Universities are classified as Business.
Our codes are based on the International Building Codes and a Business Occupancy classification is given to Colleges/universities, pretty much nation wide.

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mrcharles says...

Wont there be security at the happy places?

3 astute analysis of the matter. Of course common sense up there in the halls of legislative mess, is on permanent vacation. People voted this stuff in so get with it you guys.

They need to quit designing laws just to make the lawyer class rich.

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