Another GOP peer presses senator from Little Rock to quit

At Capitol, Hendren touts ethics plan, says it’s time to ‘change the culture’


Photographs by Benjamin Krain

Jeremy Hutchinson, R-Little Rock

State Sen. Linda Collins-Smith, a Republican from Pocahontas, on Tuesday called on state Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson to resign immediately, saying that his staying in the Senate is a disservice to his constituents and the people of Arkansas.


Sen. Jim Hendren, R-Sulphur Springs + Enlarge


Sen. Linda Collins-Smith, R-Pocahontas + Enlarge


Sen. Terry Rice, R-Waldron + Enlarge


Sen. Bart Hester, R-Cave Springs + Enlarge


Rep. David Whitaker, D-Fayetteville + Enlarge


Rep. Marcus Richmond, R-Gravelly + Enlarge

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LR1955 says...

All in favor of Hutchinson quitting, say AYE!

Posted 13 June 2018, 6:27 a.m. Suggest removal

Testingonetwothree says...

Those that throw stones should be very careful as their world may get rocked...he has friends and $$ to research each of these 6 and blow up anything THEY my have done and have kept hidden....

Posted 13 June 2018, 6:36 a.m. Suggest removal

Nodmcm says...

Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson will be the next governor of Arkansas. The Hutchinsons and related Hendrens are the most powerful bloc of Republicans in Arkansas. If folks don't like the Hutchinson/Hendren clan, their only hope is to vote Democrat. Thankfully, the Hutchinson/Hendren clan are level-headed, unlike many others in Arkansas politics.

Posted 13 June 2018, 8:42 a.m. Suggest removal

JMort69 says...

So, now that the cows are out of the barn, these hypocrites decide to do something. Why didn't they do something, or even say anything, while all this was going on? Are we supposed to believe that the governor, his nephew Jim Hendren and all the others in that small body of 135 in our legislature knew nothing? Sorry, ain't gonna fly. And, we are going to let Hendren, who has had his own public issues in the past and is Jeremy's cousin be in charge of ethics. OK, fox, here are the keys to the henhouse. The last time our crooked legislature gave us an ethics issue, it was drawn by Jon Woods, now convicted felon who stole thousands from us. Let's face it, ethics and the AR legislature is an oxymoron. Of course, we the people deserve better than this, but we are the ones who control who represents us. So, we the people have to step up and clean our state house. If you think that they are going to do it themselves, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for you. As for the Hutchinson/Hendren clan being level-headed, then why have so many of them gotten into trouble? Tim Hutchinson, the Baptist preacher fornicator who had to resign; Jim Hendren, Mr. Ethics, who, reportedly followed Uncle Tim's evil ways; Jeremy, who the feds say stole $500,000.00 of our money. How can one possibly say this is level-headed behavior? To me, its as crooked as it gets. This body can pass all the ethics rules they want, but crooks are crooks and they will find a way around the rules. And, as long as the lobbyists hold sway, like the 11 groups that Bob Ballinger took money from, the pig sty in our state house will flourish. A leopard doesn't change its spots. If they are dirty now, they will go on being dirty. The only solution is to VOTE THEM OUT, VOTE THEM OUT!!

Posted 13 June 2018, 9:45 a.m. Suggest removal

Packman says...


Posted 13 June 2018, 9:53 a.m. Suggest removal

Nodmcm says...

JMort: First, the Hutchinson/Hendren divorces and remarriages don't matter anymore, since President Trump changes wives frequently and is not disrespected for it. As regards Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, the $500,000 was paid as legal fees, so its not a bribe, technically. Perhaps improper influence, or severe conflict of interest, but with part-time legislators, are we going to tell them to sell their businesses/law practices before entering the legislature? President Trump has changed that rule, also, by continuing to conduct private big business and creating conflicts of interest while sitting as president. Governor Asa Hutchinson's reputation is spotless. Admittedly, his son needs to quit drinking and partying, and soon, if he ever wants to be governor. Let's face it, if you don't admire and respect the Hutchinsons and Hendrens, understanding that their foibles pale in comparison to our president's, you're just not a loyal Arkansas Republican.

Posted 13 June 2018, 10:23 a.m. Suggest removal

AnonymousinAR says...

Collins-Smith has no dog in this hunt. She was “resigned” by the voters. Good bye and good riddance.

Posted 13 June 2018, 10:32 a.m. Suggest removal

hah406 says...

Who was the government official a few years ago that got caught accepting bribes in pie boxes underneath the pie? If anyone wants to give me cash, that is how I want to receive it...underneath a nice fresh pie, preferably peach.

Posted 13 June 2018, 10:46 a.m. Suggest removal

Packman says...

Hey hah - That was Martha Shoffner, and I believe it was apple pie. And peach works for me, too. Must say, hah, you have good taste in pie.

Posted 13 June 2018, 11:26 a.m. Suggest removal

LR1955 says...

It was the pie lady/state treasurer I believe.

Posted 13 June 2018, 11:29 a.m. Suggest removal

JMort69 says...

Nod, I'm not a loyal anything, except a loyal American. I'm an Independent and have been for years. I leave to it those who can't think for themselvs and need a herd to tell them how to vote to be "loyal". It is their loyalty to party rather than the good of the people that has gotten us into this mess. And, I agree that the rules of decency and conduct have been degraded horribly, but that does not have to include everyone. We choose the morals by which we live and I choose to not grovel in the gutter with these rats. I know lots of attorneys who would love to be making what Jeremy claims were "legal fees" each month. I don't, for one minute, think that those payments were legit, and neither do the feds. And, the people who run for these offices know they will be sacrificing part of their personal and business lives when they sign up. No one forces them to run, they choose to. We have the right to expect them to behave ethically when we are paying them. They are our employees and serve at the will of the people. The Hutchinson/Hendren bunch has for too long held sway over gullible Arkansans. How much of our money have they swilled in "public service"? I don't like dynasties, in sports or in life. Too long in power breeds corruption. If nothing else, Asa is guilty of ignoring the rampant corruption in his tenure, starting right in his family. At worst, we will find he did more than that. Its time to change the guard completely in our state house. VOTE THEM OUT, VOTE THEM OUT!!

Posted 13 June 2018, 11:41 a.m. Suggest removal

woowhoo says...

Another family-values republican proving he can't be trusted. I hope all my neighbors are proud of electing him so he could line his pockets at their expense!

Posted 13 June 2018, 11:49 a.m. Suggest removal

doggod says...

woowhoo. Most certainly, he has family values, but unfortunately they just don't extend beyond his own.

Posted 13 June 2018, 12:08 p.m. Suggest removal

nrb says...

Hendren, Rapert, Hutchinson and all the rest of the Republican or Democrats that think the are owed something...or that feel they are above the law, need to leave, It is nothing more than a snake pit on Capitol Hill. The ones who do believe to be honest and work for the citizens that put them in office, are guilty by association, and mostly for remaining silent.Our House and Senate is full of corruption​!! House cleaning is needed. I also find it reprehensible they allowed themselves the 3% raise... reprehensible!!

Posted 13 June 2018, 12:43 p.m. Suggest removal

mrcharles says...

creations of the creator will never change. As long as power and money can be obtained by the "servants of the people" this will continue till the sun turns into a red giant.

First the power of money in just getting politicians elected need to be changed. Money buys politicians as most of us understand regardless of the party. Pay then enough commensurate with the job, but to allow them to profit from their job should be restrained.

He is innocent till proven guilty. Yet if he is ultimately found guilty , an example needs to be made regardless of name or party affiliation.

I disagree that asa is crooked, he is just a product of bob jones anti-catholic U and a gop ILK, neither which makes him admirable but creates a brain washed individual to allow the rich to do what the goats do instead of the sheep.

Posted 13 June 2018, 1:14 p.m. Suggest removal

RBBrittain says...

As a transgender Arkansan, I must remind everyone that Sen. Collins-Smith sponsored the main "bathroom bill" in 2017; Sen. Hutchinson killed it and one other anti-trans bill in committee. I believe Sen. Collins-Smith has an ulterior motive in asking Sen. Hutchinson to resign, no matter what his ethical problems may be.

Posted 13 June 2018, 2:04 p.m. Suggest removal

LRCrookAttorney says...

Nod...You are flat out insane! Your rant, that went on and on and on, would be similar to someone saying "Well, sexual harassment in the work place is now okay, because the President (Bill Clinton) did it!" Our General Assembly is full of corrupt individuals, Democrat and Republican alike, and JMort hit it right on the head, by saying vote them out.

Posted 13 June 2018, 2:20 p.m. Suggest removal

LRCrookAttorney says...

JMort...You are right on target, as usual. I will not go through my diatribe of how Arkansans' vote again, however, I do believe you should put your "VOTE THEM OUT, VOTE THEM OUT!" at the top of your posts. Most of the people posting on here are to ignorant to read the entire post and probably miss this.

Posted 13 June 2018, 2:30 p.m. Suggest removal

lrprojectmgr says...

Politicians are dishonest? Alert the media.

Posted 13 June 2018, 3:05 p.m. Suggest removal

Nodmcm says...

LRAttorney: OK, so you don't like the idea that President Trump has changed the moral landscape for politicians. I also get it that you and JMort are critical of both political parties. JMort admits he is an Independent, so just where are these Independent politicians you guys seem to desire? Arkansas votes Trump and Republican, in that order. In Europe, they have four or five established political parties in each nation. In America, we have TWO. So choose your poison.

Posted 13 June 2018, 3:40 p.m. Suggest removal

LRCrookAttorney says...

Nod...That is the problem, people like you believe they have been forced to choose between two evils, where as that is not true. However, people keep going to the ballot box and choosing either R or D, more than once I have wrote in a candidate. If enough of us would stop accepting this as normal, we may actually be able to get something done. Another problem is the groups that will vote party line because they feel like the other will take something they want (e.g., gays, gun owners, African Americans, abortionists etc...!). A lot of so called "republicans" vote straight party lines, because they believe people (like on here) that says "they gonna take your guns!" While a lot of democrats lead with "they will make you have that baby (or control your health)," "they will not help the black community," or "they will not let you marry that pie (guy/girl/other)." When all of that is complete and utter nonsense. Democrats and Republicans alike have held power in all three branches and none of this has happened. All that has happened is they keep getting richer from the lobbyists (may fix everything if we get rid of these guys/gals/other).

Posted 13 June 2018, 4:04 p.m. Suggest removal

LRCrookAttorney says...

I forgot the bathroom choosing people. So, what! I am forced to use the men's room and that room is always the worse. No wonder some guys want to "identify" female to use their bathroom, it is always nicer (the way my wife describes it).

Posted 13 June 2018, 4:06 p.m. Suggest removal

Nodmcm says...

LRAttorney: First, how about we go to the British system of elections, where there are no private (read: swamp) campaign contributions, and politicians are each given the same amount of government money to pay for campaign expenses? This way, the "swamp" doesn't influence politicians (as much, anyway). Next, if we can't get a third political party, then why not alternate from Republican to Democrat control, kind of like the presidency? You know, eight years of one and then switch to eight years of the other? For instance, the Republicans have had control of Arkansas for the past ten years, so maybe its time to elect the other party, until they have been in too long and get corrupt. I think what you and JMort are properly and quite astutely complaining about is one-party domination that leads to corruption. So let's go back and forth, and not let either party gain too much of a foothold.

Posted 13 June 2018, 4:20 p.m. Suggest removal

JMort69 says...

Polls show that 1/3rd of the population claims to be R and 1/3rd D. That leaves 1/3rd of us in the middle. Because neither party can win without us,it is the third group who determines elections. The difference is, we do not pledge fidelity to anyone or any club. We are independent. Also, young people have no interest in the passe parties. They also choose independence. I like Nod's suggestion of no private campaign contributions, but SCOTUS took us the other direction and we see the result in our country and our state. Right now, in Arkansas, we need to get rid of all of the current legislators and leaders who have either sat by silently and allowed, or participated in the corruption. Since both parties were involved, kick them all out and start over. And, this time, with some real ethics reform, not rules promulgated by convicted felons or someone with familial connections to the corruption. Time to run the rats out!

Posted 13 June 2018, 5:32 p.m. Suggest removal

NoUserName says...

Martha Shoffner was a democrat. Who was convicted during republican rule. Switching parties every 8 years won't make a lick of difference. Both parties are rotten to the core.
" people like you believe they have been forced to choose between two evils, where as that is not true."
It is, really. I've voted 3rd party before so I get it. Arkansas doesn't allow write-ins in for presidential, as I found out the last election. But when you get right down to it, the choice is often two bowls of s**t and maybe a 3rd person who has zero chance of actually winning. And 3rd party candidates aren't all that either. Take a look at the forthcoming AR governor election. Hutchinson against the guy who was in charge of the company that got a grant due to a bribe. Two bowls of s**t.
"Democrats and Republicans alike have held power in all three branches and none of this has happened."
To a point. Democrats rammed an unpopular amd unwanted healthcare bill through. Republicans certainly ARE trying to limit abortion (see Arkansas/Planned Parenthood). The thing is, Ds and Rs know how far they can push before the opposition gets too vocal. But it's foolish to think they don't push at all.

Posted 13 June 2018, 7:29 p.m. Suggest removal

doggod says...

NoUserName (nice name, btw). Actually that unpopular healthcare bill is extremely popular now. As soon as Repubs tried to dismantle it, people began to see how good of an idea it was.

Posted 13 June 2018, 9:20 p.m. Suggest removal

PopMom says...


I've been involved in both parties and seen quite a bit of corruption. I also am a middle of the roader who some have described as a hodge podge of conservative and liberal. I always thought Tim Hutchinson was a decent person. I knew that he and his first wife were not happy. I did not get the impression that he was a big player. I've not spoken to him in 20 years, but I hope that he is happy. Everybody is entitled to one divorce without being called a fornicator. I am still on my first marriage LOL.

Posted 13 June 2018, 9:42 p.m. Suggest removal

LRCrookAttorney says...

Doggod...Actually, no the people did not change, every person that had healthcare prior to ObamaCare, has notice a dramatic increase in out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles. So dramatic in most cases, that their insurance (which they pay for) has been watered down to what use to be consider catastrophic insurance (only in place for major problems, like heart attack or extended hospital stay). My wife works in the insurance industry (actually an executive) and even our insurance (which used to be 1500 deductible and max out-of-pocket of $3,000). Now our increased to $15k, all of this to cover insurance for 26-30 year old men that prior to Obamacare, did not even care about insurance. We already had Medicaid (which took care of the disabled) and Medicare (for the elderly), the rest can get a good job and pay for insurance like the rest of us did. There has been a sharp rise in emergency room visits, for non-emergency situations, because of ObamaCare. Also, the ones that got insurance through ObamaCare are now realizing that they really do not have insurance, because, their deductible is so high that they cannot possibly reach it. Those friends of mine, that voted for Trump and other Republicans in DC, wanted them to repeal Obamacare. However, shortly after elected, the aforementioned decided to spin (just like all politicians) and change their rhetoric to repeal, AND REPLACE ObamaCare.

Posted 14 June 2018, 6:48 a.m. Suggest removal

PopMom says...


When I was a Republican, Shoffner often was at our events. I don't know her politics. She may not be a Republican or a Democrat--just somebody out for her own self-interest.

Posted 14 June 2018, 7:13 a.m. Suggest removal

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