Summit over, Trump upbeat; pact signed on denuking, ‘protections’


President Donald Trump wrapped up his five-hour summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with warm words and hope for "a bright new future" for Kim's isolated, impoverished nation.


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump leave the room Tuesday after signing a joint statement agreeing to... + Enlarge

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23cal says...

"..... the North suggested today that Trump had moved away from his demand for complete denuclearization before U.S. sanctions on the long-isolated country are removed." I have said all along Trump would give Kim sanction reduction for nothing and that that any agreement made was worth nothing because both parties are dishonest liars, along with the established pattern of North Korea for the last 30 years..
"The Singapore accord largely amounts to an agreement to continue discussions, echoing previous public statements and commitments. It does not, for instance, include an agreement to take steps toward ending the technical state of warfare between the U.S. and North Korea." A Nothingburger, in right wing parlance.
Kim got a huge propaganda victory, Trump got a photo op for his cult minions.
Kim got legitimization....he got equal footing with the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. Trump got to share the stage with a dictator who wallows in human rights violations and murders his relatives.
Trump got 3 hostages and the promise to "work toward" returning remains from the Korean War. These cost Kim nothing, but Kim got the cessation of military exercises and war games on his border.

They signed a nothingburger agreement so Trump could declare a win and his sycophants would believe it was actually a win.
The nothingburger is tissue paper. It says virtually nothing. It might as well have just said "we promise to try to get along from now on." It's even less than I anticipated, and I anticipated very little.
The most remarkable aspect of the joint statement was what it didn’t contain. There was nothing about North Korea freezing plutonium and uranium programs, nothing about destroying intercontinental ballistic missiles, nothing about allowing inspectors to return to nuclear sites, nothing about North Korea making a full declaration of its nuclear program, nothing about a timetable, nothing about verification, not even any clear pledge to permanently halt testing of nuclear weapons or long-range missiles.....you know, most of the things the Iran agreement had that Trump found unacceptable.

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RBear says...

Good summation 23cal. I like this statement from Daniel Russel of Foreign Affairs who dug deeper into the agrement, "In the end, the joint statement that emerged from the summit is but a diluted version of numerous past aspirational documents put forward by North Korea and its negotiating partners." In other words, it was just a campaign stop for Trump with very little substance produce. But the underachievers of the Trump demographic will just salivate over it for months to come.
My favorite Trump false claim was that it was "comprehensive." Maybe for underachievers, but a one page document with only four points that fit on half the page is NOT comprehensive. Of course, for folks like moz it's probably a deep read for him.

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GeneralMac says...

Let's compare this "deal" with the "deal" Barack HUSSEIN Obama made with Iran.

( Trump "deal ")......South Korea, who has the most to lose, is optimistic

( Barack HUSSEIN Obama "deal ")......Israel, who had the most to lose from the Iran deal, was vehemently opposed

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mrcharles says...

GM why don't you stay on point.
23 and rbear laid out factual and rational information yet you choose to be typical trump supporter living in another universe.

A demented parrot you are.

Again we know your irrational fixation on the former POTUS , but try to deal with the here and now. Of course we can see clearly you won't as defending trump and the consensus that he got snookered leaves you no option but stupid.

You are still a mystery but great odds are you be Russian. Guess we need to change your name to Comrade mac.

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hah406 says...

I agree, let us compare Comrade Mac. Let's see, North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat because....well because the Big Orange One says it is so. They still have all their nuclear weapons, they just aren't threatening now. On the other hand, we have Iran, who...DOESN'T have any nuclear weapons, so they definitely are not a nuclear threat. See how that works?

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GeneralMac says...

mrcoward............South Korea approves ( Trump's deal )
........................Israel vehemently against.( Barack HUSSEIN Obama's deal )

Should I type slower just for you ?

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Delta123 says...

Chuck did you just suggest someone had an irrational fixation on a POTUS? Haha. Dude, may be time for a little self reflection. TDS.

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DEE672 says...

23 cal , as usual , has said it all. And, as usual, the two little weasels poke their heads out of their nest and defend the indefensible.

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carpenterretired says...

Well some folks suffered eight years of emotional distress over a black guy being POTUS and have had less than two years for the pain to lessen (perhaps if they had a confederate flag to clutch for a comfort blanket it would help) so if everyone would have a little understanding of the poor fellows, they may in time mellow.

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