Why not here, too?

And in several other states

It says a lot, and for once a lot of good, that only three weeks after the Parkland shooting in Florida, the governor of that state has signed a bill sent to him by his legislature changing gun law. At least Florida gun law.

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23cal says...

Have to agree this Florida law is better than nothing, and the small steps required by compromise is how progress will eventually be made.
About ".....be properly trained by law enforcement...." Yeah, there is a real rub there. "Properly trained" requires an awful lot of ongoing and live fire training. It isn't like subjects where you take a one day continuing education class once a year. Law enforcement officers, which is for what you want these teachers to be a surrogate, have ongoing training ALL THE TIME. And should.
I have an Arkansas CC permit and the "training" for it was sadly laughable. Most of the few hour course was spent making sure the "trainees" filled out the application correctly. Hitting a target was part of the requirement, but you were allowed to shoot for however long it took to hit the target. I fear the teacher "training" will be no better than the permit "training".....which, by the way, has no requirement for ongoing training or review.
My question about all this is other than bump stocks and the age limit, this does nothing to inhibit mass shootings in places other than schools. You know, concerts, restaurants, theaters, churches.....all of which have been sites for mass shootings. Can't w do something to protect people other than students at schools?

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