Little Rock man wins lottery's Lucky for Life drawing, picks $390,000 prize over getting $25,000 a year


Photographs by Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

Robert Norwood Jr. and his wife, Cecilia

A Little Rock man has won $390,000 in the state lottery, officials said Tuesday.

Robert Norwood Jr., 62, bought the Lucky for Life ticket at Stagecoach Phillips 66, 11615 Cantrell Road in Little Rock, according to a news release.

He had the choice between getting $25,000 a year for life or getting a lump sum of $390,000; he chose the latter.

“I just retired — I may not be around in 20 years,” he told lottery officials.

Tuesday, the day he claimed the prize, is Norwood's birthday, according to the release.

“I hope we’re on a roll,” his wife, Cecilia, reportedly said.

Robert Norwood added: "We’re still soaking it in — we still haven’t touched the ground yet.”

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TravisBickle says...

I hope he trusts his wife or he may not be around another 20 years! And that's not even the grand prize of that game!

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