New indictment issued against Arkansan accused of trying to kill U.S. airman in Japan

LITTLE ROCK — A federal grand jury in Arkansas has issued a new indictment against a man and his son accusing the father of trying to kill a U.S. airman on a military base in Japan.

Justice Department and Air Force officials said in the document Tuesday that Rodrigo Pineda Gomez, formerly of Jacksonville, and his son, Miguel Gomez, assaulted three airmen on Misawa Air Base in 2016 and that Rodrigo Gomez tried to kill one of them.

An earlier indictment accused Rodrigo Gomez of attempted voluntary manslaughter and assault charges, but he is accused in the new indictment of also lying to law enforcement about who threw the first punch. His son is accused of assault and resisting arrest.

Authorities said the father and son were residing with a service member on the base.


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UoABarefootPhdFICYMCA says...

Rodrigo Pineda Gomez of Jacksonville, YEAH RIGHT.

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