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Rinko Kikuchi stars in "Kumico The Treasure Hunter," showing at the Little Rock Film Festival


The Purge: Anarchy

You might not be aware of this, but approximately five years from now, our government will be taken over by a nebulous group of bureaucrats who refer to themselves as the New Founding Fathers. One of their first orders of business will be to establish an annual "purge," whereupon, for exactly 12 hours one night of the year, all crime, including rape, murder and torture, will be legal for anyone wishing to be a part of it (and, of course, their victims, who don't have a say in the matter). Just why this is seen as a beneficial policy will be left hanging, as will any data to support the resulting statistics that has unemployment at a record low and crime rates virtually nonexistent the rest of the year.

Planes: Fire & Rescue

Planes is the Disney stepchild few animation fans want to discuss in any detail. It lacks the endearing characters and finely wrought storytelling of the Pixar films like The Incredibles and the Toy Story trilogy, and it could sure use a showstopping song from Broadway tunesmiths like Frozen's "Let It Go."

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On the life, and end of life, of Roger Ebert

Editor's note: Life Itself opens in Little Rock today. It is also available through various video-on-demand services.

Super Quiz: First and last

1. The first two people to climb Mount Everest

Helpful Hints

DEAR HELOISE: I blew a candle out too hard the other day and got wax on a wallpapered wall. How can I remove the wax without ruining the wallpaper?


At area theaters


How boring is a soldier's life in the mountains of Afghanistan during the lulls between firefights? A serviceman interviewed in Korengal, the sequel to the 2010 documentary Restrepo, recalls that one day he and his Army buddies spent "five or six hours" arguing who would win in a fight between George Clooney and Fabio.

Arkansas postcard past

Hot Springs, 1933 Designed by noted architect George Mann, the Arlington Hotel was completed in 1924. The message, mailed to Santa Monica, Calif., reads, "Dear Mama, Was sure glad to get your letter and the money. It sure is cold back here. When it rains it sure pours and the lightning lights up the whole sky. Am glad the babies are fine. Sure want to see them. Fred."

Horoscopes by Holiday

Happy birthday. You'll seek and find the excitement you need in a project that lasts the next six weeks. August brings a second chance at something important in your life, and you'll get it right this time. Your appearance and health will improve with the efforts you make in September. Lock down a commitment in November.

On Christianity

DEAR REV. GRAHAM: I think all you evangelists are just in it for the money. I watch some of you on TV occasionally, and all you do is ask for money. Religion is just a fraud as far as I'm concerned. Why should I listen to any of you?

Apes overpower transformers

LOS ANGELES -- It took a set of evolved primates to end the dominance of colossal transforming robots at the box office. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes became king of the multiplex after taking in about $73 million over the weekend in U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to studio estimates.

Home movies

Under the Skin is the sort of movie on which cult reputations are made.


And So It Goes, PG-13 Michael Douglas plays a willfully obnoxious real estate agent whose dreams of selling one last house and retiring in peace and quiet end when his estranged son suddenly drops off a 9-year-old granddaughter (Sterling Jerins) he never knew existed. Will pawning her off on on his determined and lovable neighbor (Diane Keaton) be sufficient, or will he have to eventually open his heart? With Frankie Valli, Scott Shepherd, Frances Sternhagen; directed by Rob Reiner. July 25



Sex Tape

The cinematic equivalent of herpes, Sex Tape is an uncomfortable embarrassment to raunchy comedies everywhere. Fortunately no medication is required after being exposed to it: The effects are not permanent, only painful.