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Old state prison holds promise in aiding vets, group says

A group of Arkansas veterans hopes to soon transform a near-defunct prison complex into an enclave for recovering ex-military members.

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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission to hire expert to score dispensaries

Seeking to avoid further setbacks, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission will hire a consultant to evaluate proposals for the state's first cannabis dispensaries.

Arkansas lawmakers OK rule allowing panel to hire expert to grade medical cannabis dispensary applications

Lawmakers on Thursday approved an emergency rule allowing the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission to hire an outside consultant to grade more than 200 applications for the state’s first medical cannabis dispensaries.

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Arkansas VA working to fill new care site; 26 empty beds in vets home blamed for monthly deficit

Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs officials hope to ramp up efforts to fill the remaining beds at the state's new facility for elderly and disabled veterans in central Arkansas.

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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission rethinks hiring expert

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission -- hoping to avoid further delays and legal challenges -- is poised to hire an outside consultant to determine which of 32 companies will be the first to sell cannabis legally in the Natural State.

Medical cannabis delays vexing to patients in state

Josh Nicholson wants to take his wife to the movies again, but for that, he needs cannabis.

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Arkansas growers gain licenses for medical pot

Arkansas officially licensed its first medical marijuana growers on Tuesday after a contentious application process and monthslong court battle.

Pot license irregularities uncovered

Court pleadings and media reports have uncovered a host of inconsistencies, irregularities and other issues in the scoring and application process for Arkansas’ first medical marijuana growing and selling licenses.

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New Arkansas commander looks to keep American Legion vital

R.D. Kinsey sat at his new desk in the state commander's office of the American Legion's Arkansas headquarters for the first time last week.

Arkansas pot commission looks at hiring of consultant

Focus on dispensary-application scores

After months of controversy around its selection of the state’s first marijuana growers, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission will explore hiring an “independent consultant” to grade the nearly 230 applications for the dispensaries to sell the finished product.