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Quilt Trail cuts colorful path through Pocahontas

A number of Arkansas towns have downtown walls decorated with murals. But Pocahontas stands out with its Randolph County Quilt Trail, displaying reproductions of more than 50 quilts on buildings in its 17-square-block National Historic District.

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Cabot festival celebrates succulent strawberries

Strawberry farmers around Cabot are happy to boast about their wares. The website of Holland Bottom Farm proclaims: "We grow the biggest and sweetest strawberries in the South."

Police: Suspect in Virginia bus station shooting dead; 3 others hurt

RICHMOND, Va. — A gunman shot a Virginia state trooper Thursday at a busy bus terminal in the capital city of Richmond before he was shot dead by two other troopers, police said. Two civilians were hurt, though it was not clear if they had been shot.

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Saline County museum created from bauxite

Financial times were tough in 1893, and many of Dr. Dewell Gann's patients didn't have the money to pay their medical bills.

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Winthrop Rockefeller's legacy lives on at institute

Now that Arkansas has turned into one of the reddest states on the U.S. electoral map, it's hard to imagine that we once went almost a century between Republican governors.

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Wax museum home to stars, villains, leaders

When wax museums became popular in the 19th century, they functioned as precursors to today's virtual reality.

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See glorious daffodils in their natural habitat

WYE -- The seven acres of blooms in the field next to Wye Mountain United Methodist Church are glorious enough that Vincent van Gogh might well have been inspired.

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26 historic sites in state passport-stamp book

Arkansans who enjoy roaming our Natural State now have the chance to collect a complete set.

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Let's make a deal

GOP heads toward convention drama unseen for decades

Once upon a time, national political conventions could be as raucous as a mosh pit and as entertaining as a three-ring circus. They sometimes wound up being "brokered" behind the scenes by party bigwigs.

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Spa City sites to see besides Oaklawn's ponies

Racing at Oaklawn is winter's headline act in Hot Springs, which has showcased an array of allures -- legal and otherwise -- for visitors since the middle of the 19th century.