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3 parks preserve artifacts, history of state's first inhabitants

There are no American Indian reservations in Arkansas. And less than 1 percent of our state's population has Native American ancestry.

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Christ of the Ozarks statue is state's reason to stand tall

In terms of superlatives, it's fair to say that Arkansas generally falls short of ranking near the top among the 50 U.S. states.

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Searcy spring fest celebrates pioneer days, nature's bounty

SEARCY -- The extra attraction at this weekend's Pioneer Village Spring Fest comes courtesy of White County Master Gardeners. Their floral plantings will add radiant color to the Saturday and Sunday celebration of life in Searcy and its hinterlands in the period between the Civil War and World War I.

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Remains of sunken resort Monte Ne an Arkansas curiosity

The fact that Monte Ne is mostly underwater makes it even more of an elusively mysterious attraction than if its ruins were still mainly visible.

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Sunrise service, exploration, fun fill weekend at Petit Jean

PETIT JEAN STATE PARK -- Petit Jean's fictive grave site is normally deserted at sunrise. But the overlook above her mountainside tomb will be populated at 6:35 a.m. Sunday as dawn arrives.

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History of Natural Bridge stretches to Quapaw tribe

Timid motorists may wish they could turn around as the narrow paved road makes a steep and sinuous descent of nearly 500 feet. But there's really no place to back up. At the bottom, the attraction turns out to be well worth the white-knuckle navigation.

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Cabot museum's exhibit remembers area WWI veterans

Decorative quilts are an American tradition. Local museums in the Natural State often display one or more of these folk-art creations from bygone days, when quilting was a widely shared women's pastime.

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Festivals and flings come with springing of spring

After a winter that barely showed up in Arkansas, spring officially returns Monday. The vernal season is prime time for festivals in the Natural State, including these annual favorites with entry generally free of charge:

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Things to do in Hot Springs without cash

Oaklawn Park offers free general admission with track-side access at the rail. But the vast majority of racegoers are here to risk money betting on the horses. That can be a pricey proposition on a bad-luck afternoon.

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Daffodils the star attractions at festivals

This unusually mild Arkansas winter has flora of all sorts bursting out early. That includes the daffodils that herald the advent of spring -- at Wye Mountain and around the state.