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Depot to serve as hub for Russellville festival

A big challenge for many communities across the nation is how to make downtown as vibrant as it once was. Russellville's Downtown Fall Festival & Chili Cookoff, set for Saturday, reflects that ongoing effort in the Arkansas River Valley city of 28,000.

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Museum has more than oil, brine history lesson

SMACKOVER -- A museum focused on oil, with a supporting role for brine, seems a dubious target for a family outing.

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Train depot museum secures tourist hub's legacy

The occasional rumble of a passing freight train adds evocative sound effects to Arkansas' northernmost railroad station, which bustled a century and more ago with frequent passenger service to what was then a popular vacation spot.

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Rock out or watch outhouses roll at fall festivals

High-jumping mules and fast-rolling outhouses are among the wackiest acts on this autumn's calendar of Arkansas festivals, with grape stomping and Ding Dong singing tossed into the mix.

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Shiloh Museum tells real story of life in Ozarks

There's an aura to the word "Ozarks" that wraps the hilliest part of Arkansas in a mist of lore and legend. That mystique is explored with tender loving care at the indoor-outdoor Shiloh Museum of Ozark History in Springdale.

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Clinton House a draw in Fayetteville, but skip game days

It's a serious stretch these days to think of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as an Arkansan. And the chance that she might carry Arkansas on Nov. 8 is roughly as remote as the prospect of an Election Day snowfall in the Natural State.

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History, education are big draws in Arkadelphia

Almost across the street from each other, two of Arkadelphia's most imposing properties are treasures among this university town's trove of buildings with historical pedigrees.

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Watermelon fans can pick one of two festivals

This weekend poses a tough choice for Arkansans enamored of watermelon. That's because both of the Natural State's long-running watermelon festivals are scheduled at the same time.

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Batesville museum covers 19th century onward

In the 19th century, many Arkansas mothers were farm wives who needed to spend long hours helping husbands in the fields while also minding their babies. So how did they manage that double duty?

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Van Buren is a historic river town spilling over with sights

VAN BUREN -- Bob Burns was an Arkansas teenager when he invented an oddball musical instrument whose namesakes helped win World War II four decades later.