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ARKANSAS TRAVEL: Swimming, hiking part of Lake Sylvia's charms

On a steamy summer day, a refreshing splash or swim is the best reason for visiting Lake Sylvia Recreation Area, a federal reserve on the eastern edge of the Ouachita range about 40 miles west of Little Rock.

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ARKANSAS TRAVEL: Museum shows us the way we were

Some historical displays at Marked Tree Delta Area Museum are staffed by mannequins. Their presence aims to give a personal touch to portrayal of the past in northeast Arkansas.

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Sultana museum in Arkansas memorializes 1,800 who died in river

The shifting of Mississippi River channels over the past 153 years has left the charred wreckage from history's deadliest U.S. maritime disaster buried beneath a farm field in Crittenden County.

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Only in Arkansas: Marked Tree Siphons lift a river

Among the most frequently misused words in the English language is "unique." It means "one of a kind," not just "quite unusual." To describe anything as "somewhat unique" is as misbegotten as saying that a woman is "somewhat pregnant."

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ARKANSAS TRAVEL: Mountain Village 1890 transports tourists to the past

It's debatable how good the Good Old Days actually were, before such latter-day blessings as modern medicine, labor-saving devices and air conditioning. But nostalgia for the past, whether real or imagined, sparks interest in attractions that aim to transport visitors back in time.

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ARKANSAS TRAVEL: Small winery housed in yurt offers taste of the old days in Little Italy — and it's not far from Little Rock

A winery's tasting room housed in a yurt could be a vision from faraway Mongolia. In fact, this tented structure stands only 30 miles northwest of downtown Little Rock in Little Italy.

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Pine Bluff home to varied mix of artists, exhibits

It seems a stretch to think of Pine Bluff, with all its woes, as a city that nurtures the visual arts. But that perception is gracefully rebutted at the Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas on downtown Main Street.

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ARKANSAS TRAVEL: Huge fish hatchery has plethora of delights for visitors

It takes only a dollar to set off a feeding frenzy at Norfork National Fish Hatchery, the nation's largest such federal facility.

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ARKANSAS TRAVEL: Hike along forest loop reveals stony wonders

Hiking can take serious effort, the more so when the trail is sometimes rough and sloping. But the huffing and puffing pay off on Pedestal Rocks Loop walk, where the intermittently tough going leads to spectacular geological formations that deserve to be better known.

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ARKANSAS TRAVEL: Tiny Town is one of city's quirkiest, friendliest attractions

Cameo roles are played by luminaries the likes of Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson at one of the quirkiest and friendliest attractions in the Spa City.