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On unfounded fear

Ignorance clouding our minds

There are seven deadly sins, by Christian tradition: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride.

List glows with '20 Years of Christmas Magic!'

The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism calls it the Arkansas Trail of Holiday Lights. The brochure cover for this year's glowing festivities adds the message "20 Years of Christmas Magic!"

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Guerrilla's gown adorns Lonoke County Museum

The mannequin, dressed in a striking outfit with a vivid red skirt, could be mistaken for a belle of the ball from the antebellum South.

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Plenty for eyes to take in at BB gun museum

Ralphie Parker is relegated to a cameo role at the Daisy Airgun Museum, even though his fictional self starred in A Christmas Story. That 1983 movie turned the Daisy company's Red Ryder BB gun into a perennial holiday fixture.

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Historical Camden home housed Union general

Even 150 years later, it's not all that easy to find kind words in Arkansas or other former Confederate states for Yankee generals who pursued what diehard Rebels still label "the War of Northern Aggression."

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State's largest park a prime spot for hobgoblins

Not all the ghosts in Arkansas haunt old hotels like the Crescent in Eureka Springs. Travelers attuned to history can also pick up the aura of the departed in some state parks.

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Devil's Den trail recalls CCC's importance

Stripped to the waist and posed with a double-bladed ax, the life-size bronze figure all but ripples with physical exertion.

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Walk through history at Arkadelphia museum

Once state of the art, dial telephones are now museum pieces. In fact, there's a black dial phone on display at Clark County Historical Museum, evidence of how transient new technologies can be.

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Dumas draws daddies, mamas to annual event

It's a Roaring '20s song long forgotten almost everywhere else. But Dumas still loves the tune, as proved by this week's public singing of its daffy lyrics to kick off the annual Ding Dong Days.

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Museum tornado flattened soldiers on in Vilonia

The Museum of Veterans & Military History, open again after a tornado devastated its original home last year, is run by amateurs in the original and best sense of that word.