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Once zinc clamor fizzled, town of Rush did too

"Zinc rush" somehow lacks the jolt of excitement delivered by "gold rush." But the quest for zinc is what spawned the aptly named Rush. Once a boom town and now a ghost town, it is one of the most intriguing historic sites within the boundaries of Buffalo National River.

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Buffalo River waterway is a joy in any season

By the time Buffalo National River reaches Buffalo Point, the popular waterway is in full flow on its meandering last stretch to the White River. Canoeing and kayaking are generally possible year-round on the lower river here, while the cool waters beneath rugged bluffs are a summer magnet for swimmers.

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Greers Ferry offers lots of land, water diversions

When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers proposed building Greers Ferry Dam on the Little Red River in the late 1950s, many residents of Cleburne and Van Buren counties objected. That's because the lake created by the dam would submerge several small towns and flood acres of productive farmland.

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Gangster Museum recalls when Capone slept here

HOT SPRINGS -- The famously notorious Al Capone was a ruthless mobster kingpin responsible for a string of gangland murders and a titanic flow of bootleg liquor during Prohibition. He was also a generous tipper, to judge from memories shared with visitors to the Gangster Museum of America.

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Molten majesty

Iceland’s volcanic landscapes just part of island’s magnetism

Imagine Arkansas dotted with 30 or more active volcanoes. Then you can begin to picture the otherworldly lava landscapes that cover much of Iceland, making this mid-Atlantic island a paradise of photogenic scenery.

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'The King (snake)' greets Lake Catherine visitors

If you've never held a snake, a good place to start is by handling Elvis at Lake Catherine State Park.

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Arkansas culture shock in memoir of '20s letters

There's a biblical link to the title of the newly published memoir by Genevieve Grant Sadler, who moved from a comfortable California life to rural Arkansas for seven years in the 1920s.

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Where dusty diggers dream of a dazzling find

Hitting pay dirt is a long shot. That's true whether you're looking for the love of your life, buying a Powerball ticket or digging at the only diamond mine in the world that lets visitors keep any precious gems they unearth.

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Logoly State Park throws in dash of education

It's true that "education" pretty much rhymes with "recreation." But can a state park focused on learning also provide a bunch of leisure-time fun? In summer, no less, when school is out and brainwaves are tuned low?

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Story of Camp Robinson told in book's 230 photos

It's unlikely you'll set foot inside Camp Joseph. T. Robinson these days, unless you're involved with the Arkansas National Guard.