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'Animal Meet Human' art show at Crystal Bridges

This year's headline visitor to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is Dale Chihuly's blown-glass work, displayed indoors and outdoors at the world-class facility blessed by Alice Walton's vast wealth and artful eye.

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119th Grape Festival celebrates Tontitown history

A title character plays only a supporting role this week at the Tontitown Grape Festival. That's the grape itself, now relegated to cameo appearances at this venerable yearly celebration, whose roots date to 1899.

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Compassion campaigns: Arkansas exhibit includes U.S. War Relief posters, memorabilia from World War II

America was the Arsenal of Democracy for the Allied nations battling the Axis powers in World War II. That story -- of eventual victory fueled by U.S. industrial muscle -- is well known. So are the famous battles that led to triumph, from Midway to D-Day and a cavalcade of others.

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Call of elk, Buffalo River lure tourists to Newton County

You can call this elk "Newt." That's the name local officials have given to the antlered statue dedicated recently on the courthouse lawn in Jasper, marking Newton County's self-styled stature as "Elk Capital of Arkansas."

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Mid-America Science Museum fires up coil for Tesla Fest

Say "Tesla" most places, and you're likely talking about a pioneering 21st-century maker of electric automobiles. Or perhaps a longtime rock band on tour again this summer.

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Get your Fourth on with fireworks, concerts, fun

Pops on the River, set for Tuesday night and sponsored by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, annually wows its central Arkansas audience with a dazzling fireworks show. But other eye-popping displays of pyrotechnics are scheduled around the state during the evenings leading up to July 4.

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Prohibition behind Spa City park ranger's murder

The bootlegging business boomed in 1927, thanks in large part to the 18th Amendment's ban on making, selling, transporting or importing "intoxicating liquors" anywhere in the United States.

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Jacksonport 'Farm to Table' exhibit also pushes manners

America's national pastime may no longer be baseball. It's probably not football either -- or even smartphones. What unites us these days, as always, in this land of abundance, is the joy of eating.

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Sanatorium museum recalls gruesome scourge of TB

Tuberculosis is a rarity in Arkansas these days, with 100 or fewer cases reported each year. But the deadly lung disease was a fearsome scourge here and around the world in 1910, when the Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium opened in the hilly countryside of Logan County.

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Clover Bend site a tribute to New Deal project

The Great Depression brought misery to so many Arkansans and other Americans. But hope did gradually revive, sparked in large part by Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal programs.