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Exhibits show how once wild river was tamed

Before a network of 18 dams subdued the Arkansas River, the waterway was a raging force of nature that regularly wrecked boats and flooded lowlands.

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Mount Ida has bragging rights as quartz capital

Yes, there is an official Arkansas State Mineral. As voted by the General Assembly back in 1967, it's the quartz crystal.

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Heifer Ranch helps feed Third World countries

Some youngsters from urban schools who tour Heifer Ranch have never been on a farm, or even near one.

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Stuttgart museum rich in German lore, ducks

Journalists are generally advised to keep themselves out of their stories. But I'll assert a point of personal privilege for this visit to Stuttgart's Museum of the Arkansas Grand Prairie.

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Grant County Museum covers lots of history

One exhibit at the impressively wide-ranging Grant County Museum is kept behind closed doors.

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Nature center, ASU Museum call Jonesboro home

A skeleton of probably the largest animal ever stalked in our hunter-happy corner of the world greets visitors to the Arkansas State University Museum.

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Faulkner County's Cadron settlement dates to 1818

If you can name the first permanent white settlement in central Arkansas, consider yourself thoroughly versed on our state's history.

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Like oddities? Harrison museum is the ticket

State-of-the-art parking meters, like the ones that lurk along Little Rock's River Market strip, no longer require a stash of nickels, dimes and quarters. They're happy to take your credit card as well.

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Eagle tours to take flight at several state parks

Given Arkansas' lack of ski resorts and tropical beaches, it figures that January would be one of the quietest months for fun outdoors in the Natural State.

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Tracy Neal Roark

Thanks to city Employee of the Year Tracy Roark, Little Rock’s stray animals are getting a new leash on life.

Statistics can be a cold way to start a story. But here are a few eye-popping numbers that bring into focus the life-saving achievements of Tracy Roark, Little Rock's Employee of the Year. In 2003, the year before Roark became manager of the city's Animal Services Division, its pound-like facility euthanized 3,147 dogs and cats. It sent a mere 386 to new homes. The ratio of death to survival was a ghastly 8-to-1.