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Friends take on high school, cancer in new show

If you ever wondered what the kids are watching these days, just check Netflix. Here's your chance to be the cool aunt or uncle by getting in on the ground floor of a promising new series.

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Man of Steel's grandpa focus of Syfy's Krypton

DC Comics fans rejoice! Krypton, based on characters found in that vast universe, is set to premiere at 9 p.m. Wednesday on Syfy. Turn off your phones and computers and pay attention.

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Cumming starring in diverse CBS crime drama

The networks know only too well you are a discerning (or fickle) viewer with many options vying for your entertainment hours -- broadcast, cable, streaming services, video games, organizing your sock drawer.

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St. Patrick's legacy threatened by return of snakes

Dear Otus, As the granddaughter of Irish immigrants, you can imagine my dismay at the developments in Ireland last week. I simply can't believe that after all these centuries, the Irish would abandon St. Patrick. I thought we put all this behind us a few years back. I'll wish you a happy St. Paddy's Day anyway. I hope it's not for the last time.

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Touring Years, First Boys document Beatles, baseball

One of the best things about pledge time at AETN is that we get to catch programs we missed the first time around. That's the case tonight with a couple of outstanding specials -- one a local treasure and another that'll take baby boomers back to the halcyon days of their youth.

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NBC's Rise, ABC's For the People debut today

There's a double dose of new drama tonight as NBC and ABC unveil midseason tryouts. First up is the more inspiring offering.

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Arkansan on American Idol; Deception debuts

Heavens to Newton Minow, fellow Arkansans, we've got a swarm of new and returning programming headed our way.

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Sam Cooper

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AETN sifts through state to find pie perfection

To quote FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) in the quirky ABC drama Twin Peaks, "This must be where pies go when they die."

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Memphis actress leads strong cast in Life Sentence

How about a little comedy/drama, some reboot drama, and a trip down memory lane? Once again, TV demonstrates it has something for just about everybody.