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Television: So much to watch, so little to agree on

When I was a tyke and network TV was just getting started, a popular program such as I Love Lucy (1951-1957) was seen by 72 percent of those watching television.

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Escape millennial madness with Girlfriends' Guide

Those a bit bored with the hackneyed, angst-filled tales of love and romance among the pretty young things on most channels can find new drama among the more experienced folks in Bravo's Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce.

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World Detour returns -- with Ozzy and Kelly

Over the next couple of days, TV offers some serious viewing on ABC and some educational silliness on A&E. Let's look at the latter first.

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See what you missed on Broadway on Tony Awards

Never having been to a play on Broadway, or even to New York for that matter, I always feel a bit hayseedish at Tony time. I'm more of a Golden Globe and Emmy guy.

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Jo Blatti

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Documentary, American Woman debut tonight

Unusual for a Thursday night in the first week in June, TV has several worthwhile shows either premiering or returning.

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Younger, Teachers return tonight to TV Land

Viewers searching for a few laughs as the hot weather oozes in need look no further than TV Land tonight. Two veteran sitcoms -- Younger and Teachers -- make their new season returns for your viewing pleasure.

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Happy Trails: North Little Rock's Lakewood Lake No. 1

LAKEWOOD LAKE NO. 1 Location: Turn west onto Waterside Drive off North Little Rock’s North Hills Boulevard. Park in the spaces near the fire pit.

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Dietland a dark comedy with serious undertones

They had me at "wickedly funny and extraordinarily timely satire."

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America's Got Talent repeats premiere tonight

On Tuesday, the pleasant summer diversion America's Got Talent returned for Season 13 on NBC. I was finishing with the new fall schedules and didn't have room to cover it in Tuesday's column, but that's OK. NBC is having a do-over tonight and that gives us a reason to chat about it.