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SUZIE RIDGLEY CherokeeRedbird says...

These Republicans can't do something like this that makes so much sense. They're too busy trying pass legislation that says you have to friend your boss on FB. How foolish. I am retired now, but when I was working, I have my a
nnoying, nosy, jerk of a boss blocked.

On The un-slippery slope

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SUZIE RIDGLEY CherokeeRedbird says...

Tom Cotton is the most embarrassing thing to happen to AR since Wilbur Mills and Fanne Fox in the Tidal Basin. He is a glory hungry fool who cares nothing for AR except as a stepping stone to the White House.

On Our responsibility

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SUZIE RIDGLEY CherokeeRedbird says...

In response to Thomas May's letter, I've been watching the situation with S Broadway for some time. If someone applies for a job in st gov't for which they're unqualified, they aren't even considered, as it should be. So how is that S Broadway gets a big cushy job for which he's completely unqualified when underlings at the same agency or any state agency can't do it? It is not fair. He's never done anything of any substance in his working life. He is all about himself. No one else.

On Letters

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SUZIE RIDGLEY CherokeeRedbird says...

This is interesting to me since this agency is so backward that the tests they give to prospective employees is with paper and pencil instead of on a PC. They are so behind the times, I question their competence in every area.

On State ignores advice, pursues broadband

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SUZIE RIDGLEY CherokeeRedbird says...

This woman is not just Republican-dumb, she is Palin-dumb. Surely she knows it is illegal to register to vote in 2 places. When she gets caught doing this, she tries to act as if she is being taken advantage of, when it's her own stupidity that got her in this position. She has no business running for or holding ANY elective office.

On Official suggests Rutledge re-enroll

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SUZIE RIDGLEY CherokeeRedbird says...

As usual, Brummet is right. But in AR, people see what they've made their minds up to see.

On Rousing rabble in 3, 2, 1 …

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SUZIE RIDGLEY CherokeeRedbird says...

The director at Capitol Zoning knew for years that this boarding house was coming and he regularly told constituents who inquired about it that it would never happen. And now it has opened without even a permit. The staff is suppose to monitor the area. Where were they when this was happening?

SUZIE RIDGLEY CherokeeRedbird says...

This is very sad and disappointing. But you can't teach any do right rules, you can't enforce them and you can't guide young men into being good citizens if you don't do right yourself. I have one word for this coach and it is "BYE". 'Nuff said.

SUZIE RIDGLEY CherokeeRedbird says...

Plain and simply put, felons should not be allowed to run, expunged or not.

SUZIE RIDGLEY CherokeeRedbird says...

The more democrats, the better. I am sick of what these republicans are doing.

On Democrats file congressional bids

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