From Russia with ‘love it’

The Trump family—father, son, son-in-law—has hedged and hemmed and hawed about the alleged “Russian connection,” the claims that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

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REV2018 says...

There's a point where the investigations become irreversible and the evidence insurmountable. We're there. Even Richard Burr, in cahoots with trump, cannot stop the inevitable.
I believe most Americans are are good and honest people - Democrats and Republicans alike. When push comes to shove, we'll stick together. It's time to decide what this country stands for. Not what this president and his gang can get away with. We have always been a beacon of light in this world. For 300 years, countries and people have turned to us to lead the way. We're not perfect. As a people, we've made mistakes. Some pretty bad ones at times. But we've always had the foresight, wisdom, and courage to change course. Some believe being a global leader is an expensive burden. I believe it's a sacred honor. Can anyone realistically say this planet is not a better place because of the USA? The lunatic fringe maybe. It's time to change course again. I don't condemn folks for voting for trump. They have true and honest concerns for this country. They deserve to be heard. I say that as a liberal Democrat. We've proven time after time over the history of this country that when we All work together, what we accomplish is always amazing. Of course we disagree on things. What family doesn't? We hollar and yell and raise a ruckus. Sometimes they win. Sometimes we win. But we have the U.S. Constitution to keep us true to our values. When a neighbor needs help, how many of us ask what his politics are before we give him a hand? In my experience, the answer is none. Most people don't want a handout. They just want a fair chance to make it on their own. Sure there's some free-loaders but they're a small minority. There'll always be some bad apples. They come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and religions. But we are a great nation because we've always stood up for the little guy - not cowtow to the big guy. King George got that message. We've stood by it ever since.
You may disagree but this president does not represent what we, as a nation, stand for. You may disagree but this president does not represent the kind of leader I want my kids to admire. You may disagree but this president does not represent the nation that my father and his father fought for.
You may disagree but it's time to put an end to this mess and do what's right for our country.
I know we live in a world of tweets but some things need more words to be said.

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