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MOVIE REVIEW: A wizard, a witch, a boy wonder and lots of eye candy sure to thrill the kids in 'The House With a Clock in Its Walls'

Eli Roth got his start making gruesome thrillers like Cabin Fever and Hostel, but in his surprisingly kid-friendly new feature he trades dismemberment for Harry Potter-esque wizardry gone wild.

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Life Itself

Imagine going to a museum and being preoccupied with the frames instead of the paintings inside them. That's roughly the experience of sitting through Life Itself.

The Riot Act

The Riot Act, a theatrical release from Northwest Arkansas-based media company Hannover House, is an enjoyable Western thriller (there's a Deadwood meets The Phantom of the Opera vibe) allegedly based on a true story -- more likely a true legend -- about Van Buren's King Opera House, which is prominently featured and becomes a kind of character in the film.

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James Dean's early demise part of his legacy

I have made great strides in my craft. After months of auditioning, I am very proud to announce that I am a member of the Actors Studio.

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The Predator comes out on top

For the first time in weeks, the weekend box office was dominated by three new releases, signaling an unofficial start to the fall movie season.

Assasination Nation

Sam Levinson's unpleasant Assassination Nation is a film that tries so desperately to capture the current teen zeitgeist it hurts your teeth to watch.

Farenheit 11/9

Given his far-left leanings, you would naturally assume liberal provocateur Michael Moore would be all in on tearing into the Trump era, with its presumed agenda of racism, classism, misogyny, and despotism -- and you would not be wrong in that assumption.

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Remembering Hames Ware

For several years I belonged to an informal "Saturday Club" that met irregularly for lunch at Burge's in Little Rock's Heights neighborhood.

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Hell Fest

Helpful Hints

DEAR HELOISE: We inherited my uncle's camper, and the sink has rust stains. Do you have a cleaning formula I can use?

Super Quiz: Names as book titles

1. _______ Eyre

Horoscopes by Holiday

Happy birthday. You'll perform tremendous feats in May. Your devotion brings someone up. A team will help you achieve a personal goal in July.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Disappointing 'Predator' continues downward spiral of sequels

Deservedly or not, Shane Black has a reputation for clever, entertaining Hollywood-style films: He blazed his career early with the success of his scripts for the Lethal Weapon series, which landed him in very lucrative territory for subsequent scripts, but partying too hard and audience apathy for a couple of his other, more expensive scripts (including The Last Action Hero, which was famously one of the few bombs Arnold Schwarzenegger ever starred in) cooled his career considerably. He made a comeback of sorts with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang a few years later, and got back in Hollywood's good graces with writing and directing Iron Man 3, and, most recently, The Nice Guys.

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Darkness prevails in Toronto

The relationships between parents and children play out on screens at every film festival, of course, though some years it has been the absence of children that has propelled the drama. This year, the Toronto International Film Festival has screened a number of films concerned with the idea of what makes us parents in the first place, and how best to serve and protect those young souls under our care.