Happy Juneteenth

There’s good news coming!

IT WAS hard to believe--like a dream come true. Even to this day, there is something elusive about Juneteenth. It took the longest time for it to become the officially recognized holiday it now is in state after state, including, at last, Arkansas. For all the years before, it was more of a folkway than a holiday, more custom than law, more word-of-mouth than official proclamation.

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RBear says...

Happy Juneteenth. A good column on the significance of this often overlooked holiday. Through the act in Galveston, men, women, and children were freed from the pox that was slavery. To even think one man had the right to own another is deplorable. But that's what many states declared in their causes for secession, even citing it as a God given right. Thankfully those days are over and now we celebrate the declaration of freedom for all Americans, once offered only to a select class.

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