Arkansas congressman: Vote is still 'no' on proposed health care act

Unswayed by President Donald Trump's appeal on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford said he still believes the proposed American Health Care Act is bad legislation that would harm the country.

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FreshAir says...

How is this more patient centered, Westerman? Is this guy up for re-election in '18? I hate to give him any credit, but so far only Cotton has been smart enough to know that people may have been screaming to get rid of Obamacare, but most of them are morons actually using it. Once it goes away they will feel differently.
Also, people are going to realize very quickly that this bill is just more BS. Insurance premiums, deductibles and the overall cost of healthcare in America will continue to drastically increase. The increases over the past few years had very little to do with ACA.

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Goad says...

Oxymoron market based, patient centered health care. 40 to 50% profit in system creating 5-7% GDP cost. Remove profit & health care would drop to 11-12% of GDP.

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mrcharles says...

more market-based, patient-centered health care approach!

Why yes, I quite agree, as I have been swayed by the astute reasoning of Charla McComic, a leader of retired first grade Tennessee teachers for Ivanka's dad who is giving her an office in white house. I have told all my eligible friends to immediately ignore the Affordable Care Act and go sign up for Trumpcare, as it will do wonders to clear up the congested hospitals and doctor offices..... if you get my drift!

Remember Aircraft carriers are a right not healthcare!

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Whippersnapper says...

Hey Goad,
The healthcare advances we have today only exist because of the profit motive. Find one major healthcare advance that was created through a network of unpaid volunteers working for a series of non-profits. Profit and healthcare advancement are inextricably tied together, but consumer costs were abstracted from the end users with the introduction of widespread health insurance, and it eventually drove costs out of control.
Want to fix the system? Outlaw health insurance and move everything to a market based approach. Poor folks in the 1950s paid cash to have babies delivered, and the costs were lower because folks didn't demand extras unnecessarily. When the demand for services is higher (artificially, because people view the service as "free" when it is subsidized), the costs go higher. That's basic economics.

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carpenterretired says...

Wonder if Westerman will be so excited when he has to explain his excitement over taking health care away from around 300.000 lower income working ,sick,poor and least among Arkansans (causing suffering,pain ,death) to the Lord on judgement day. Most advanced nations have government provided health care (Canadians live 2.7 years longer than people in US) and many advances not only come from the other advanced countries ,but are used in those counties before in the US. Perhaps some would benefit by turning off the Fox News Gospel of Greed long enough to read the Gospel of Matthew.

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