Dems win big

Back to normalcy

It seems the two-party system is alive and well now that the political pendulum has swung back again, this time much to the Democrats' delight and the Republicans' despair. They tell a story about an old farmer up in Kansas who emerged from his cyclone shelter after a storm had swept away everything in sight--the house, the crops, even the topsoil, leaving behind nothing but dust and debris. And he burst out laughing. "Pa!" cried his son, "Why are you laughing? Everything's gone." "Why, son," the old man replied, "I'm laughing at the completeness of it."

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WGT says...

Mr. “Editorialist”,
You do realize this “opinion” is a contradiction of itself, top to bottom. Meaning you have no idea just what it is you want to convey other than the fact your boss needed you to fill column space. Sad.

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WhododueDiligence says...

"But no sweat. This merry-go-round will be swinging back and around soon enough."
What a strange ending. The merry-go-round will be swinging back? When this merry-go-round swings back, how hard will We the People get smacked? What happened to the old political pendulum? If the old political pendulum ever swings back, we might not recognize it and We the People might get smacked by a megaton of gold.
In this strange ending, the editorialists pooh-pooh today's disgustingly sorry state of American politics by saying "no sweat." The editorialists (not only at the ADG but many other newspapers across the country) reacted to the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision with the same pooh-pooh ho-hum don't-worry-be-happy attitude. They failed to comprehend that Citizens United--which legalized unlimited campaign donations from hard-to-trace multi-billionaire donors--was a major game changer in American politics. And like the game-changing aspects of the 1857 Dred Scott decision, Citizens United's game changing is a political disaster.
Take the 2016 election for example. Now aware that Citizens United basically legalized the bidding war to control politicians, many voters chose Donald Trump in part because he is too rich to be bought and controlled by his fellow billionaires. On the opposite side of the political spectrum, many voters chose Bernie Sanders because he strongly opposes this disgusting control which multi-billionaires now exert, corrupting the American political system. In normal times, neither Trump nor Sanders would have attracted much of a following, but because the rules of the game have been radically changed to favor multi-billionaire radical extremists, these are not normal times. The pendulum has shifted.
Many news articles show this disgusting state of affairs in American politics. For example the recent Politico article "Angry GOP donors close their wallets" describes billionaire donors demanding what they want and threatening to withhold cash from elected politicians who fail to enact precisely what their billionaire donors want. We the People don't have to wait until the merry-go-round comes around again. We already know it's the super-rich who will be riding high.

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