The GOP should have learned

Republicans learned the hard way last week that the tactic of using the debt ceiling to extract further spending cuts is a losing one. And now, thanks to President Donald Trump, they may lose it permanently.

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WGT says...

The downward spiral of republicans' concept of upward mobility has stretched the pull they have on the purse strings of the pocketbook used to oil the economy. They believe they know better. Sad.

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skeptic1 says...

So Brummet will you be declining your tax cut? The truth is tax cuts for the middle class stimulates the economy while easing he financial burden on families, Trump has said the middle class is the focus of proposed tax cuts but don't let the facts get in your way. We have a higher corporate tax rate then socialist Sweden, how about doing a little research?

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TimberTopper says...

skeptic1/libertas2u, if your memory is good enough to think back some years to the raise in taxes that then President Clinton got done, then if you can remember how good the economy was, and that we had a surplus budget, if you are truly a conservative you would be wanting a tax increase, on the wealthy. Then we could pay some on the national debt, along with operate the government. However, some so-called conservatives are just not that smart, but they were not the old Republicans either. That's why so many like me left the party, so that it could become the party of the idiots.

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mozarky2 says...

TT, the dem party is in a death spiral, and you call the 'pubbies idiots?

Posted 12 September 2017, 9:49 a.m. Suggest removal

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