Acts of benevolence

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BoudinMan says...

John Meadows, can you provide specific examples of why you consider Obama to ba a moron? I can tell you didn't like his policies, but to call somebody a moron would mean that you have specific examples in mind that show the person to be void of intellectual capacity, totally incurious, inarticulate in his speech, and not up to understanding, or being aware of the world around him. One could supply many examples of this re: trump.

Paul Swepston: 11.6.18

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DerbiRider says...

On patient dumping
Bella Vista

Amen, Amen, and Amen!

Any pastor encouraging his flock to vote Republican has fundamentally failed his faith and mission. Isn't it believed that these failings will be accounted for in the future? Jesus knew these sanctimonious creatures of his time and condemned them roundly.

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gagewatcher says...

Boudin man i don't know if Obama was a moron but i think the people who voted for him twice most definitely are but he certainly was an evil man and treacherous to these fine united states. but if you are a supporter of someone who sold us out at every turn you have that right of your opinion as I do mine. Trump 4 more years then Cotton !

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carpenterretired says...

The boys in the turnip truck and evangelical Trump supporters skip the Gospel of Matthew for the GOP/Fox Gospel of Greed and follow the leadership of the John 8:44 voices on Fox News , but one poor fellow appears not to know the reality of evil ,but Trump is a living validation of the concept of evil.

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