Predicting the weather

Thursday afternoon, Little Rock. Temperature 65 degrees, with overcast skies. The forecast on the website Weather Underground reported that rain would begin to fall at 5 p.m. So a pair of avid dog-walkers harnessed three lively terriers and headed out the door around 4:30 for their usual three-mile jaunt.

When making the turn back toward home, nearby church bells chimed out the arrival of 5 p.m. Within two minutes--two minutes!--it started to rain. Softly, true, but nevertheless. Luckily the temperature held steady and everyone got home slightly damp but not chilled to the bone.

Weather predictions are becoming little short of amazing--although later that night, a possibility of freezing rain didn't accompany a stunning drop in temperature to the mid-20s with frigid gusting winds. It's OK when meteorologists are wrong, when the outcome is in our favor.

Editorial on 01/13/2018

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