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PHOTO: Tree limb crashes through SUV's windshield in Little Rock

No one was seriously injured when a tree limb crashed through the windshield of a sport utility vehicle in Little Rock.

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PHOTO: Tractor-trailer wrecks on I-440 bridge over Arkansas River

PHOTO: Tractor-trailer wrecks on I-440 bridge over Arkansas River

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Cooking up a batch of fun

Kids get a taste for preparing cuisine at Youth Chefs Culinary Summer Camp

Shaley Mahan, 12, watched the honey mustard combination ooze off of her spoon with excitement and wonder as the marinade for a chicken dish came together.

Wagons ho!

Labor Day in Clinton means chuck wagon races

CLINTON - What began 23 years ago with eight wagons on a Sunday night is now the National Championship Chuckwagon Races, the largest such event in the United States. Founded by Dan and Peggy Eoff and held annually on Labor Day weekend in Clinton, it now attracts about 150 wagons and more than 20,000 spectators.

The ripple effect

Learning to row a racing shell is an exercise in teamwork

Early morning and late evening, fishermen are not the only ones scrambling to get their boats in the water. With commands like "hands on" and "overhead" from the coxswain, eight rowers from the Arkansas Boathouse Club are carrying one of their long boats down to the river alongside the bass boats and party barges that are a familiar sight in central Arkansas.